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Posted on: 02 April 2015 by James Dawan

Green Pregnancy Diet - In brief

Green Pregnancy Diet was developed by James Ward. James Ward's mother, writer and vegetarian. Her diet is described in a book that fully carries the following name: " The Green Pregnancy Diet: Healthy eating habits for mommy, baby and the planet ' or ' Green Pregnancy Diet: Healthy eating habits for mothers, babies and the planet.” The book is a guide for pregnant women following a vegetarian diet during pregnancy. The diet provides guidelines for healthy eating and would also make sure that you are not exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins. Green Pregnancy Diet is not just to the benefits of healthy nutrition for mother and child, but also on the positive effects of the diet on the environment.
The diet would ensure that you additionally maintains a perfect weight during your pregnancy and describes how you can achieve a "green kitchen". Also devoted to taking the right supplements during pregnancy attention.
Green Pregnancy Diet - Nutrition Schedule and Guidelines
The basis of the Green Pregnancy Diet is a 'green', vegetarian diet. The diet writes mainly for organic food without additives such as sugar factory and synthetic additives. The book contains plenty of tips for good nutrition for both you and your unborn baby. If you are not vegetarian and do not want it to be, then it contains diet tips to eat less meat. That way you could improve your health and the environment.
An example of a daily inside the Green Pregnancy Diet is as follows:
Breakfast: Stir-fried tofu with fresh blueberries
Lunch: Kale Quesadillas
Snack: Banana Bread without wheat
Dinner: whole-grain pancakes with cheese, asparagus and walnuts
Dessert: Lime Pie with avocado and dates
Green Pregnancy Diet - Top Foods
While Green Pregnancy Diet eat mostly organic food. Meat is strongly discouraged. The following foods are recommended within the Green Pregnancy Diet:
Whole grain products
Green Pregnancy Diet - Finally
Green Pregnancy Diet also focuses on avoiding dangerous chemicals and toxins. In the book you can read where these substances can hide in your house and how to remove them from your kitchen. The book also contains 20 simple recipes that are within the Green fit Pregnancy Diet.

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