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Posted on: 07 August 2019 by Manoj Rupareliya

Digital Transformation Has Redefined Tours and Travel Industry. The Way Tourist Search and Book Their Travel Destination Have Completely Changed Due to Technological Advancement.

Gone were the days when there was the huge staff on various airlines and other travel industries for answering all the queries and requirements of travelers. But now most of these travelers use their smartphones for performing all those functions of scheduling a tour themselves. Digital transformation has totally changed the way of functioning of these travel industries. 

According to a recent report, tours and travel applications stands on the seventh position when it comes to application downloads. Almost 80% of people who are owning smartphone use these travel applications to plan their itinerary. Now you might be wondering why numerous users prefer to use this application and which services are offered by these travel apps. 

Reasons to Plan the Trip Using Smart Device and Application

Travel solution has become mobile-friendly these days hence it's appropriate for the traveler to use their smart device and application for managing various aspects of their journey. Wide range of applications is available in the market that offers relevant information to the traveler. If the traveler uses geo-location and mobile-based services for planning their trip it will surely enhance their local experiences and make it easy for them to aspire several unique experiences. 

Easy Interaction Between Travelling Department and Individuals

Travel industries have experienced a drastic transformation due to latest technologies and application. Most of the travel agency entrepreneurs are adopting the digital solution for their business for offering the best ever experience to their users. They are taking the support of developers and if you also want to have a digital solution for your traveling business then hire coders that can develop a digital platform for your traveling business that allows your customers to communicate with various departments of the travel industry very easy. 

Endless Travelling Options

Nowadays, different sectors of travel industries are taking their business online to meet the requirement of the people each time when they require them. Tourists can search for various services available for them and can choose the one that is appropriate for them to travel to the destination they want. They can use a smart application available on their smartphone to choose the appropriate option for traveling from different sectors of the travel industry. 

Availability of Various Payment Modules

Various payment options are available for paying the amount for the booking made by the traveler. They can easily make payments via credit card, debit card, net banking, and many other options available within the application. Most of the applications these days have started offering pay and online collect ticket option to the customers. Mobile applications have become a total solution for travels that fulfills all their needs.

Services Offered by Travel Application to Tourist

Smartphone users are increasing in the world day by day due to which online travel agencies (OTAs) are experiencing drastic growth in their business. With the motto of ‘always with the traveler’ smart devices are becoming one of the most preferable tools for the OTAs. It helps them to offer superior and personalized travel experience to the customers. Most of the OTAs these days are mainly focusing only on the mobile space to meet all the requirements of present generation travelers. 

Seat Availability

Most of the people always like to choose their own seat through the application, hence many travel applications avail this option to the travelers these days. Different people have different demand for the seat. Some of them opt for aisle seats while others prefer the option of a window side of the vehicle. 

And few others go for the options for front or backside seat for the preferred traveling option.  Most of these custom choices for traveling can now easily made through their smartphone using various application and that too without leaving the comfort of their home. According to recent data, the Indian railway's website is one of the most successful eCommerce applications worldwide in this traveling domain.

Direct Booking 

The number of travel application users are increasing day by day, travelers nowadays prefer to book tickets online using mobility solution instead of going physically to the booking office and waiting in the long queues for their turn. Most of the people these days prefer to use a mobile application because they can book tickets as per their convenience from anywhere and at any time round the clock.  

Effective Communication Medium for Clients

Most of the travel startups have welcomed this digital domain with open hands, they love this domain and have already launched the application for their traveling business by understanding the importance of digital solution for their business. Some of the traveling agents and startups have also registered themselves with big companies like MakeMyTrip, Trivago, etc to expand their business. This digital solution has enabled traveling businesses to communicate faster with their valuable clients. They can use the application to send various information regarding the travel booking to the clients which includes invoices, seat number, booking confirmation, seat number, etc. 

Final Thoughts

Latest technology and mobile application have a huge impact on various industries and the traveling industry is not an exception one. There is no doubt that digital solutions have brought various changes in the way the travel industry carry out its process for satisfying their customer's needs. 

And if you want that your business must not be left out far behind in this competitive market then it would be better for you to develop a mobile application for your traveling business. You need to understand that this application will surely help you to satisfy every need of today's modern traveler and will prove as best marketing tool as well for your business.


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