Guide to buying a cheap chinese wedding dress


Posted on: 27 January 2015 by Ethan Beveridge

Chinese wedding dresses are attracting a lot of attention lately, both positive and negative. More and more women interested in cutting costs are tempted by the incredible deals they can get importing their dress from China.

Many people are purchasing a dress that looks as if it would cost £3000 here for as little as £80 and are pleased with their purchase, others wish they had never bothered and end up paying a visit to their local dress shop anyway, absorbing the extra cost.

How it’s generally done is you send a picture of the dress you would like to the company, along with all your measurements. Send them the cash and do nothing but wait, whether they do a good job or not is up to them so it can be a real gamble. Something to be aware of however is that there may be a few additional costs, you need to remember you’re importing something from China and therefore you’ll be paying not only for the item to be shipped all that way, but you could be paying import VAT and duty costs. Remember if you have to pay customs fees Royal Mail will ask for a handling fee too. Taking all this into account, that they’re making a custom dress for you and that it costs so much to get it delivered to your front door, getting a refund or returning the dress is pretty much out of the question. If the vendor were to offer to alter the dress providing you sent it back to them, it simply wouldn’t be worth the hassle.

Just remember, if you’re going to order a dress from another continent you need to give yourself plenty of time to get another dress if you’re not happy with what you receive. It’s common for imports to take a month or two to arrive and you don’t a dress to arrive you’re not happy with the day before your wedding.

Alternatively, if you don’t fancy the risk of buying a chinese dress, but you want something nice for dirt cheap there’s always second hand wedding dress sites. That doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a dress someone has already worn either, unfortunately for whatever reason some people end up buying dresses and never going ahead with their wedding leaving them with a bit of a white elephant. 

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