Healthcare is a social activity


Posted on: 26 October 2015 by Ebony Starling

Everyone is careful about health, including me as well. It doesn't mean that a person is free from deceases, but it refers the physical as well as mental conditions of that person. I hope you can enjoy reading my views on healthcare and social activities.

The graduate level education deals with a number of coursework and tests. But, healthcare students are going to experience something different. I am a public health professional as well as an instructor. I have completed my degree in Master of Public Health from Florida Memorial University. Public health means to keep everyone around us healthy always. As a professional, it is my responsibility to take care of people. What I believe of meting up people is like serving GOD. Do you know why a patient trusts doctor while in a critical situation? It is because they believe that the doctors are the agents of GOD to let us to live further.

While I was doing the degree, I had to study about every tiny aspects of our health. I had many subjects to study such as biology, microbiology, chemistry, organic chemistry, healthcare, and everything related to the health. Thus, a public health professional, after completing the course, will have a good knowledge in treating people to keep them healthy. Healthy means not only you are free from deceases, but, in addition, your mental as well as physical conditions are also good.

Besides my profession, I used to take classes on healthcare in view of the fact that the people could possible to know the health tips. I have good experience in taking classes and have been doing it for some years. It is a social activity; thus the people will always respect you for your contribution to the society if you are ready to do it for them. I think today's generation are a little bit more liberal and ready to do anything for the society.

We are successful when someone feels good because of us. It is in fact a great achievement.

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