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Posted on: 15 February 2018 by Your Care

Local care for people in need of care and dementia is responsible and exhausting. Your Care Partners helps family caregivers to organize care and help themselves in case of overload. Information, advice, practical relief in everyday life, courses and exchange are part of the range.

Anyone who takes care of a person in need of care at home, often around the clock, seven days a week, is under great strain. The physical exertion of care, the mental and psychological stress caused by the constant concern for the partner, the organization of the nursing daily, the compatibility with family and work can lead to excessive demands. Feelings of exhaustion, disgust, irritability are noticeable. Sleep disorders and tension can occur. So that it does not get to the point that caring for your health as a caring member, hence "Your Care" is the help that someone needs with the day to day task and activities of life, in and out of the home, to lead a full, independent and free life.

The qualified employees come to the apartment and help the relatives in need of washing, go to the administration of drugs or pack in the household with. As home family members, you will learn how to use special care courses to facilitate care and avoid stress. "Your Care" does not have one language, background or colour so clients and carers are the ones to decide who is suitable for who. All ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds are welcome to join the yourcare community.

So that you can strengthen your body, mind and soul and / or regain your health, the services and facilities provided by "Your Care". 

The home care service provides space for daytime activities, the short-term care makes a holiday possible, with the "Your Care" you can relax alone, with your partner and / or the caregiver in organized trips and get to know new leisure activities. If the health burden becomes too great, the home care service of caring caregivers helps to implement their statutory requirement for inpatient preventive. 

Your Care has removed the need for an Agency and given choice and control back to you. Our online service and support is all you will ever need, for your care or care career, and its free of all fees and charges. Caring offers help to keep an eye on good intentions in everyday life.


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