Helping Your Kids Through a Divorce


Posted on: 06 April 2016 by Scott Cain

Great advice to help your kids during the divorce process

While the process of a divorce is undoubtedly an unpleasant one for you and your spouse, it can be even more of a challenge for your children. Even though you and your husband or wife may have arrived at some irreconcilable differences, it is imperative that you keep the young ones in mind, and that your loving attitude toward them never wavers. There are a few things you can do to after you’ve hired Scottsdale divorce lawyers in order to ensure that their experience during the split up is as painless as possible.


1.Be Honest

It is natural for you to want to spare your child of any uncomfortable and negative emotions. However, this should not be done at the expense of an honest assessment of the situation. There’s no need to overburden him or her with a bunch of legalese, but make sure that he or she is aware that a divorce is happening and that while there are going to be some changes your loving relationship will not.


2.Avoid the Blame Game

Once Scottsdale divorce lawyers have been hired, nothing fosters negative emotions faster than passing blame for a divorce on to your spouse, however warranted it may seem. Instead, listen to any feelings or questions your kids have and answer them in a level-headed manner. Most importantly, it is crucial for them to understand that the divorce is in no way their fault, as self-blame can easily come up otherwise.


3.Establish Regularity

You don’t need to have a set of schedules for each parent’s home for every hour of the day, as this can quickly become the source of more conflict than smoothness. Instead, have a few routines that you can reliably perform with you children to give them stability in an emotionally unstable situation.


The bottom line here is whatever disputes occur in the presence of Scottsdale divorce lawyers, leave it behind when you interact with you children.

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