Holiday time


Posted on: 13 January 2011 by Jay Carter

Make a romantic gesture with a cheap holiday, I am all heart - and they said romance is dead

One of my neighbours gave me their guided tour of buying holidays on the internet. They explained that they use a mixture of ‘focused searching’ and luck. If they have an idea of what they are after they go in search of that. At other times they are happy to have a look to see if there is a bargain that is too good to turn down. I should probably add at this time that they own their own business and take about six holidays a year. Some of these are weekend breaks, some are a full fortnight away.

I still feel that there are a million places that I would like to see. Some of these places are within 20 miles of my house. I need a motivation transplant.

After they left I had a look at some of the sites they showed me, I also had a search for some of the destinations that I have long thought of visiting. I started to look at the possibility of a weekend break in New York. I ended up accidently finding a collection of deals for cheap flights to Paris. This is a city that I have had the good fortune to visit many times. If I had the chance I would happily move there. I love the vibrancy, Parisian chic or whatever it is called, joie de vivre probably describes it best.  I have booked a break to cover Valentine’s day.

Apart from posting on here I am keeping this a surprise. It will be my great romantic gesture this year. Before anyone point it out I have checked to see if both our passports are still in date.

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