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The feeling is not always good when you have to sell your house, but you just have to let go and move on.

Now that your beautiful home is ready to be listed for sale, it is time to look around to see how much repairs you can do to make it look a lot better to attract more buyers to the good looking house. Improving the home will also help you sell the house in a matter of days. 

Where to start

Start with making a list of everything outdated or faulty as your buyers might pay massive attention to what's broken or what needs repairs. Take time to replace any broken doors or window glasses. Take your time in accessing every door handles and see if there's any that needs repairs or replacements. Check if the ceiling fans and other lightings need repairs.

Your electrical system, at a minimum, must be considered safe and functional, remember your buyers are on the lookout for deficiencies. You don't want to give them a chance to identify any. This is why you will need an electrician if your home experiences tripped circuit breakers, electrical surges amongst other unexplained problems; trust me, you want to check your doorbells for any deficiencies also. 

Note: A serious buyer will take time in examining the home

Enhancive Touches

Keep in mind that scarred walls, taint carpets, damaged ceilings can deteriorate your home, replace stained carpets and repaint scarred walls with neutral paints. Replace damaged ceilings also and repair the roof if necessary

Note: Damaged furniture’s in a well-furnished home are easily noticed compared to an empty house which may occur to detract your home appeal.

Paint Colors

You might have been living in the home for a while, and you love waking up to the beautiful colors of your rooms, bathroom, dining, etc. You need to understand that those colors might not be attractive to your buyer. 

Consult a painter or carryout your survey to see how different people react to the colors of the wall; this might as well add up to how much your buyers are willing to pay.

Add Lighting

Of course, you don't want your buyers to come torches just to see the interiors of your home, check if any dark rooms need lighting, confirm if you'll have to rearrange your furniture to enable lights in some rooms.

Note: lightning your home doesn't necessarily mean bringing in 100 bulbs in a room, No, it's surprising how greenery can bring brightness to your space, get bold plants you can place in your home. Get lighter curtains also; thick curtains hardly let's natural light in your home, opt for more lightly colored curtains, and you'll have your home looking all brightened up.

Upgrade Your Furniture 

Your buyers will be attracted to your home when it appears to them with those sparkling furniture. A well-furnished home will leave your buyers wanting to own the home already even before agreeing to pay, they'll be on the lookout for things that'll leave them low spending considering how much they've paid for the home already.

Replace Your Old Carpets 

Get rid of old school carpeting, you don't want your buyers to step in, and it appears to them that those old dirty carpets are still lying on the floor. Instead of your buyers concentrating on how beautiful the rooms are or the fantastic dining they keep thinking of how to get rid of the carpets, wooden floors might be expensive, but it is worthwhile.

Clean the Cabinets 

Don't let it be a surprise to you if you've never sold a house before how bold some buyers may be. They would open every drawer, peek inside every cabinet, you might be wondering why? Buyers have the right to do a little inspection. They should be able to see how much space the cabinets have. The best you can do is ensure the cabinets are near and well cleaned. 

Final word

There are plenty of options available for home projects to do before selling, but you should also consider how much you're spending on these projects, so you don’t run at a loss before selling the home.

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