How Can You Tell a Quality Watch from a Bad One?


Posted on: 31 December 2013 by Isobel Summers

Watches are amazing gifts which can last for a lifetime, given the right care. Testament to this is the annual run up to Christmas, during which time the sales of watches will regularly skyrocket. Engraved watches are a particular favourite with people who intend to give them as sentimental items, and there are many stories of watches being passed down through generations as treasured family heirlooms.

Timeless or a Waste of Time?

The watch, like any other item, has become a diluted commodity. There is a great discrepancy between good quality watches and bad quality watches, and prices usually tend to reflect the value of each particular timepiece. However, from time to time, unwitting consumers might find themselves paying over the odds for a watch which really isn’t worth its value.

Because the components of modern watches are so small and complicated, it’s very easy for a watch to be constructed poorly or incorrectly maintained before the point of purchase. It’s therefore very important to be able to choose wisely when investing in an expensive watch. But how is it possible for a layperson to tell the difference between a watch which is timeless, and one which cannot keep the time?

Test the Weight

A good watch will have a weight about it that makes it feel solid and reliable. This is a great indication of quality, and you should always insist on holding a watch before purchase. This isn’t to say that you should go out looking for a timepiece which could also double as a ship’s anchor, especially if you intend to present the watch as a gift for a young person. But weight is important, so make sure the  piece you have in mind actually feels like a watch and not a toy.

Understand Branding

Branding is as important in watches as it is in cars. Watch companies tend to have long traditions and recognisable craftsmanship, so when you buy a watch with a name you can be more assured that what you are getting is fit for purpose. One perfect example is that of the Omega Constellation watch, which can be found at Market Cross Jewellers. Buying from this kind of reputable company will also ensure that you don’t run the risk of falling for a forgery.

Precision and Accuracy

The best watches are the ones which not only look good, but which also keep good time. Most watches will come with a guarantee, so keep an eye on your watch over the course of a month and make sure yours is telling good time. If not, it might be that a simple tune up is in order. However a guarantee from a reputable seller will also ensure that you can replace your watch if it’s timekeeping isn’t up to scratch.

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