How Cheaper Airline Services Differ From Regular One?


Posted on: 18 February 2014 by david jimson

The cheap airlines are low-cost airlines that generally have lower fares along with fewer comforts.

These are also known as low-cost carrier which charge extra for food, seat allocating, priority boarding, baggage and many more in order to make up for revenue lost in decreased ticket prices. The regular flights are no doubt full of comfort but they somewhat cost and so nowadays people are usually preferring low-cost airline services. One of the main advantages with these low-cost flights is that they provide nearly the same facility as the regular ones but costs much low. is provided a brief description by comparing how cheap airline services differ from regular ones:

  • Low-cost airlines have higher seat density almost about 148 seats within a single class cabin while the regular airlines have 128 seats within single class cabin.

  • Low-cost airlines have faster turnarounds (almost about 25 min.) thereby increasing higher utilization of planes, while in regular airlines; the turnaround is being slowed down by use of major airports with large amount of traffic (almost about 45 min.)

  • Low-cost airlines have direct flights. They are point-to-point, non transferrable short routes while the regular airlines have various transfers along with long hauls.

  • Low-cost airlines have smaller airports which are ultimately cheaper and simpler with ground facilities, while the bigger airports are more expensive.

  • Tickets for low-cost airlines are mostly sold through internet, while most of the tickets of regular airlines are sold through travel agencies, including extra charges.

  • There are no frills or any kind of additional costs in low-cost airlines, while in regular airlines they charge extra for various entertainment program, paper tickets, quick check-in, business class, lounges, catering and other services.

Thus all these are some of the best tips that differentiate cheaper airlines with the regular ones. So for enjoying cheap airline services you can visit

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