How Does Getting Older Affect Vision


Posted on: 12 December 2020 by Amy Smith Brown

Let's find out if getting older affects vision and how exactly.

Most people rate their vision as their most crucial notion, and this is due to the fact that we process 80% of the world around us through our vision. Changes in sight due to age are a normal part of the ageing process. Our needs and various problems vary depending on our age and lifestyle. Thus, it is crucial to protect our precious vision as well as to be aware that these vision changes are related to age and are typical to occur throughout life.

Although we can not prevent hereditary conditions, some vision problems and complications that may occur in old age can be prevented early. Eating a healthy diet and quitting smoking are the best defence strategies. So what else do you need to know about age and eye health?

Changes in vision during childhood

Vision problems can occur at a later age, but children can develop vision problems early in life. Without the ability to express their own concerns, it is up to the parents to monitor their development closely. The most common vision problems that can develop in early childhood include:

Myopia: leads to difficulty focusing on distant objects.
Presbyopia (hyperopia): leads to difficulty reading and focusing on nearby objects.
Eye inactivity (amblyopia): which leads to crossed or aligned eyes, and often occurs in childhood. It can be corrected if detected in time.

It would be best if you remembered that your child's vision can have a profound effect on their behaviour and concentration and is critical to success in preschool years.

Students and young adults

It is essential to maintain healthy habits throughout school age until early adulthood. A healthy diet rich in vitamins can help preserve vision as the eyes mature. Plenty of exercises and limited time in front of a screen can also help keep their eyes perfectly healthy. Impaired vision affects the independent learning of young people studying, classroom performance, as well as sports and other activities. For a more active lifestyle, many young people choose daily contact lenses to correct myopia, thus eliminating the need to wear glasses while maintaining their full vision.

Changes in the vision of adults and middle-aged people

The constant use of the computer screen and the countless hours of work contribute to the overall eye fatigue and dry eye syndrome. Get in the habit of resting your eyes during your work to prevent and relieve eye strain. Another concern is the onset of presbyopia, an age-related condition that causes the lens of the eye to lose its flexibility. This leads to an inability to focus on near objects, as well as difficulty in moving your sight.

Don't be mistaken, presbyopia is not the same as hyperopia, and its onset is usually around the age of 40, but it can usually be corrected with multifocal contact lenses. Be sure to schedule an eye exam every year, especially if you notice any changes in your night vision, depth perception, or while driving a situation that is quite dangerous primarily for you and those around you. So visit the clinic of Aris Vision Correction, for your annual visual test, to check and prevent any vision problem that can directly affect your life.

Sight at an old age

With age comes a variety of new eye health concerns such as cataract, glaucoma, and AMD (Age-Related Macular Degeneration) are not usually painful conditions but affect the quality of vision.

Cataracts cause blurred vision due to loss of transparency of the lens of the eye. They are usually treated with surgery.
Glaucoma is the result of an accumulation of pressure in the eyeball that causes damage to the optic nerve. It can be treated with eye drops or, in some cases, surgery.
Age-related macular degeneration and low vision (AMD) affect central but not peripheral vision.

Our eyes are our most precious "device". Although we can not prevent inherited diseases or adulthood, we can do our best throughout our lives, to maintain healthy eyesight. But this starts with a healthy, balanced lifestyle and regular check-ups at our ophthalmologist.

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As you age, your eyes will begin to change and your vision can get worse. This is completely normal. There are steps you can take to keep your eyes healthy and maintain your eyesight for as long as possible. Be sure to talk to your optometrist about how to take care of your eyes and receive regular eye exams.


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