How easy is it to replace the display on your phone?


Posted on: 07 January 2021 by Pronoy Dev

Are you wondering whether you should replace the display of your smartphone yourself

Are you wondering whether you should replace the display of your smartphone yourself, or if you should instead let an expert handle it? Did you find a Samsung 8 screen that reminded you of the cracks in your current screen? Here you can find the most valuable information when it comes to the subject. We’ll weigh the pros and cons together with you to make sure you make the choice that suits you best. As always, we hope this information will be useful.


It often comes down to a cost-benefit analysis. Essentially, when you’re choosing to pay someone to repair your phone, you’re effectively paying for their time. But not only the time to repair it.

  • A part of the money goes towards the time the expert has spent studying the craft.
  • Another goes towards the replacement parts, which, unless you supply them, are entirely at your expert’s discretion. Their prices can vary significantly, such as in the case of iPhone X screen repair.
  • Similarly, you’re paying for a cut to the management/marketing sections, that led you to find them.

These costs, while generally minor, can add up.


If you’re a busy individual, maybe that doesn’t worry you. After all, having your phone in working condition as soon as possible might even be a vital necessity for you! In that case, consider the following: can you find an expert that can perform the repairs faster than you? All you need is an afternoon if you’ve got the replacement kit, which can also be delivered in only a couple of days.

Take for example the process of Samsung S10 screen replacement - it should take you only around an hour!

If you choose to repair the phone yourself, you get to do the repairs according to your schedule, with the certainty of your own hands.


“But I don’t know how to!” you might be thinking. That would be an issue, of course. If not for how easy it is! Sure, it might appear difficult at first, but everything is at the start. Don’t be intimidated by technical terms – those can be searched up and easily understood. Don’t be afraid to try something new – it's a world of possibilities out there if you only take a chance.

The challenge can vary quite a bit between different projects. Samsung touch screens tend to be easier to install, while iPhone XR screen replacement might be more technically challenging to start with.

The adage of teaching a man to fish stands true to this day – not only will you learn a valuable skill, but you will also feel more accomplished at being more self-sustaining, furthering your independence!

How to start

Even the experts started with zero knowledge of the subject, sometime in the past. You don’t need to be an expert to replace a display. All you need is the right tools and a guide to help you along your way. The internet provides you with ready access to both! All you’ve got left is to find one you like, watch it and refer to it whenever and however you need.

Get the replacement kits online, which provide you with all your necessary tools for the job and follow the guides – you’re practically guaranteed to succeed.

The main expenditure during this process will be the replacement part cost, which will usually cost around half of what an expert would charge you in total. So, when replacing your Edge’s screen, the Samsung S7 Edge screen price is going to be your main consideration.

Special considerations

If you’re worried about privacy – it’s best to do the repairs yourself. There is no guarantee that whoever is working on your phone doesn’t snoop through it. Of course, it’s highly unlikely, but if you’ve got personal things you want to make sure stay personal, there is only one way to guarantee it.

The novel coronavirus is still doing the sweeps currently. Are you sure you want to trust your phone, the thing constantly in your hand, to an unknown person? Even if you completely disinfect it after the fact, you can’t disinfect the internal components.

When it comes to components, you can be fully certain of the result by picking them yourself. Whether skimming off the top and replacing your old ones with lower quality ones or replacing your working parts with slightly lower-grade ones without your knowledge, there are many fraud artists out there. Naturally, almost all repair experts out there aren’t malicious and are just looking to make a living, but it’s best to do the repairs yourself and protect your phone.


Practically, as well as theoretically, there are many advantages to doing screen repairs yourself. It can often be faster, cheaper and safer to work on them yourself, and their relative ease makes the barrier of entry quite low. Get started today, and see for yourself!


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