How Hard Is Building Muscle After 50?


Posted on: 17 June 2019 by Santanu Banerjee

As you age, some say you become like fine wine, but the mirror may tell you something different.

It gets hard to attain lean muscle mass as you grow older and you may notice your body is not as firm as you would like it to be. However, this should not discourage you from working on building muscle after 50.

Your physique can look just as fit and trim at 50 as it did at 30. It is even more crucial to work on gaining lean muscle mass when older because it helps maintain an active life in your golden years. Unless you have serious health implications, there is no reason you cannot lift weights and incorporate strength training in your daily workouts.

Of course, it will take a good deal of effort, but it is not hard to achieve. Here are a few things you can do to get your best body at 50.

Begin with a plan

What do you want to achieve? How do you want to go about it? Once you answer these questions, you can formulate a program that funnels your energy in the right direction. This way, before you pick a weight, you already know what you are working on and how that weight will help you achieve the desired results.

If you are over 50, it is best to have strength training sessions at least twice a week with a 48-hour rest period. At this point in your age, it is advisable not to push yourself too hard to avoid injuries that will set you back. Focus on increasing the number of your reps and perhaps the weight gradually as opposed to packing them on from day one.

Vary your exercises

Strength training is exciting and exhilarating at 50 as you strive to prove to yourself that you still have it. However, mixing it up with a few fun activities like an aerobic class, including Zumba classes or yoga can break the monotony of just lifting dead weights. When it comes to strength training, also change up the exercises. For example, you can work on the arms and shoulders with chin ups and military presses on day one, take a 48-hour to rest and then work on the legs and core with lunges/squats and hanging leg raises. Doing different things also keeps you motivated on working on different parts of your body.

Find a workout partner

At 50 you may already have a hectic schedule. Maybe you run your own business or are an executive at your company. Having someone to hold you accountable will keep you on the right track. It can be another 50 year old on a similar fitness journey or a personal trainer. Having someone to bounce fitness ideas on will help you achieve even more and keep you motivated when you begin to slack off.


In addition to an effective workout regimen, make sure you eat a balanced diet. That means you have a sufficient amount of carbohydrates to give you energy as you do proteins to build the desired muscle mass. Do not buy into the fad calling for more protein intake to bulk up. It may result in unwanted body fat.

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Sharon Rema posted 17 June 2019

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