How Retirees Spend Their Newfound Free Time


Posted on: 04 May 2018 by Walter Moore

Did you retire just recently? Good, now you can finally take a break. But now that you have so much free time at your disposal, what should you do? Surely, you did not like to go to work each day, but at least it kept you occupied.

Do not lose heart! Now that you are a pensioner, you can do anything you like, because you finally have some free time. If you can not come up with anything to do, just keep reading – below is our list with the most common activities retirees perform.

1. Sleep
Retirement is the time for sleep. Once they go in retirement, most retirees throw away the alarm clock. And why should they not do it, after all they do not need an alarm clock anymore. However, according to statistics, retirees do not sleep so much more than working people. People aged between 65 and 75 spend about 10 hours per day on sleeping, bathing, and dressing, whereas working people spend slightly less time – about 9.35 hours on the same activities.

Now that you do not have to get up early and go to school or work, you can have the sleep of your life. Try having a good night’s sleep and you will not regret it, guaranteed.

2. Take up gardening
You may be surprised, but a lot of retirees turn to gardening. Gardening is the perfect way to get closer to nature while living in the city. Moreover, it is easy – all you need is soil, water, and sunlight. What is more, it proposes health numerous benefits as well, as it lets you grow your own food.
Just think about all the money you spend on fruits and veggies. Well, if you take up gardening, not only will you save this money, but you and your family will be able to eat pesticide-free greens, which is great. In addition, if you let your grandchildren or your children help you in the garden, you will spend extra quality time with your loved ones while doing what you love.

3. Do housework
Interestingly enough, retirees in the US spend more time doing chores than any other age group. The average American spends about 1.8 hours cooking and cleaning at home, while retirees spend almost 3 hours a day doing the same things. Furthermore, retirees seem to spend more time with their pets as well.

And if you like cooking and cleaning, doing housework will be the perfect thing for you in retirement.

4. Work
Okay, we know what you think – retirees can not want to work anymore than they already have throughout their lives. Well, you are wrong. Actually, a lot of retirees continue to work even in retirement. Of course, people in retirement spend less time working than the average person – 1.26 hours on average compared to 3.53 hours.

If you feel like your pension is not enough for you to live your life worry-free, a part-time job may be the perfect solution. You will have the opportunity to socialise and help the economy, while being paid at the same time.

5. Shop
As most of them do not work, retirees have more time than the average person for things like shopping and arranging coupons. American retirees, for example, spend more than an hour each day selecting coupons and shopping, while the rest of the population spends less than an hour on it.

6. Have some fun
Retirement may be fun at first, but once you finish doing everything you have had in your bucket list, you will find yourself rather bored. What can you do to keep yourself entertained? Gamble. Apparently, a large group of retirees likes to gamble. “When it comes to having fun and socialising, I believe poker is the best activity that lets you kill two birds with one stone”, says an Oklahoma retiree. Amazingly, some retirees even show up at world-class poker and blackjack tournaments as well. “Gambling keeps my mind sharp and it provides the extra money and spectra bingo bonuses I need to satisfy all of my needs,” says another retiree.

So, the next time you see a casino, do not refrain from walking in – fun is guaranteed.

7. Read
Reading – another way to spend time in retirement. While most people spend less than half an hour a day reading, retirees spend at least three quarters of an hour reading every day. What is more, elderly people above the age of 75 spend over one hour reading magazines and books each day.

8. Socialize
Last, but not least, retirees spend their free time socialising. However, rather than going to bars and restaurants, retirees connect on the phone, mail, or social media. A great way to socialise with your retired friends is to invite them to go on a walk or vacation.

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