How the “Mattress In a Box” industry is changing the way we shop for a mattress?


Posted on: 22 January 2020 by Durk Tek

There is a new and better way to do this. The “mattress in a box

When the time comes to buy a new mattress, many people think that they have to go to a mattress retail store or showroom so they can choose and buy their new mattress. However, there is a new and better way to do this. The “mattress in a box” business model started in the US a few years ago and quickly gained popularity in the UK as well. There are several very well-known UK “mattress in a box” brands such as: Eve, Simba and Emma. They have focused on designing and engineering one mattress model that has a universal comfort feel and suits the majority of body types and sleeping positions (back, side or stomach).

These mattresses are all made of premium materials and are manufactured in the UK. Once they are manufactured, they are vacuumed, rolled up and put in a box, hence the name “mattress in a box”. They are shipped to your home in a large box, and you just have to unroll it and wait a few hours for it to expand. Once it has expanded you can start sleeping on your new mattress.

Many people still prefer to try out a mattress before they buy it. This is why almost all “mattress in a box” brands come with 100 night sleep trial. This means that you have up to 100 nights to sleep on your mattress and test it at home, and if for some reason you are not satisfied with the product, you can contact the mattress company and arrange a return, after which they will refund your money. Having the option to try out the mattress for up to 100 nights is a great convenience and will give many people some piece of mind about their purchase. See a list of the best “mattress in a box” brands that offer 100 night trial.

When choosing your mattress, you have several choices: an all memory foam mattress, spring mattress, hybrid, latex or wool mattress. A memory foam mattress is known to contour very well to a person’s body shape and provide pressure relief. They also isolate motion transfer between sleeping partners very well. Spring mattresses on the other hand, have a layer of either open coil or pocket springs inside, which provides a good level of bounce and support. A hybrid mattress consists of both one or more layers of memory foam and a layer of springs, and they give you the best of both worlds.

Once you’ve chosen the type of mattress you want to sleep on, now you have to choose the mattress size. If you have a large bedroom and enjoy having lots of sleeping space, then a king or super king size mattress will do. If you have a smaller bedroom, then you can opt for the double or small double mattress size. A twin mattress is suitable for a single person and is the smallest adult size mattress.

Choosing a new and comfortable mattress doesn’t have to be a difficult task. People now have the option to buy one from a retail store or online. If you decide to shop for your mattress online, make sure shop around and check what is the best mattress based on type, price, home trial period, customer reviews, and if there are any current sales and coupons.

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