How the Swedish concept of "Death Cleaning" can help you declutter when moving house


Posted on: 30 May 2019 by Mark Burns

The Swedish concept of death cleaning has been gaining ground in the UK. It’s a gentle and mindful approach to decluttering, which recognizes the emotions involved in the process and that many people, especially older people, will not simply be looking to get rid of “stuff” but to pass it along to the right person in the right way.


While staying in your long-term family home may have a degree of emotional appeal, the fact is that unless you are using the space, it will just be wasted, but you will still have the responsibility and expense of maintaining it.

Downsizing will allow another family to create their own memories in a home you no longer require, plus it will free up your cash, your time and your energy.

Decluttering your home in preparation for moving can be easier than you might think, especially if you approach it in the right way. The team at Indlu estate agents in Manchester share their top tips.

Communicate with your nearest and dearest to establish facts and set expectations

Even though you will be the one(s) making the move, your move is still likely to be a family matter and, as such, it is best to communicate with your nearest and dearest (including close friends) to establish facts and set expectations.

Always be aware, however, that life happens and that plans can change, so be very careful about making decisions based heavily on what other people have told you they intend to do, particularly when the people in question are working-age adults who may find themselves wanting, or needing, to move for work.

Pack up (and digitize) as much as possible while you death clean

Use your death-cleaning sessions as an opportunity to pack up and/or digitize anything you want to keep and take with you, but which you are not likely to need for the immediate future. Number each box and keep a note of what is in it, so you can find it again easily if necessary.

Refresh your home as you death clean

Follow all the standard tips for selling a home, most of which revolve around taking care of any outstanding maintenance and/or making it look as good as possible.

Even if you’re moving to a more affordable property, it still makes sense to aim to achieve the highest-possible selling price on this one.

On that note, do thorough research before picking an estate agent and be very wary of estate agents who provide high valuations without having a clear justification for them. They may simply be trying to persuade you to sign a sole-agency contract.

Use professional movers

Make life easy on yourself by employing professional movers and let them, literally, do all the heavy lifting.

Take the stress out of unpacking by creating a “survival kit” at least for the first night and possibly for the first day or two, so you have everything you need to get started in your new home without having to worry about finding your way around your new environment.

If you are thinking of moving home, contact Indlu today for a free house price estimate.

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