How to Choose the Best Glass Door Inserts?


Posted on: 14 January 2019 by Tom Clark

Overwhelmed with the number of glass door inserts? Don’t want to compromise over security and privacy? Here are some important facts to look at.

Living in a home with a front door and large single glass panes means that inhabitants do not feel secure and protected against the outside elements. The reason behind is that glass can break easily and might cause a lot of trouble for everyone in the home. However, the question to ask is that what type of glass door inserts to choose? How homeowners should make their decision? To be precise, there is just one rule- choose the best replacement for glass inserts from the following beneficial alternative:

  • Impact Resistant Glass

Just like windows and doors, there are numerous types of glass options to take into consideration but, homeowners have to pick the most appropriate type in order to maximize home’s comfort. Impact-resistant, triple-layer and tempered are the three most common security glass choices that have proven effects over the property. Normally, experts suggest to go with tempered glass door inserts as it is four times stronger and efficient than regular glass. This material crumbles into round chunks when broken in order to avoid injury concerns. Though, there is one thing to take care of- it does not provide the required level of security and can be easily broken when fast-moving objects hit.

Triple-layer glass inserts for doors pride themselves to offer more protection and efficiency. They make the doors prettier and beautiful with their textures and patterns. They usually have two tempered glass layers with a decorative panel for added beauty. However, for optimal security, experts suggest to install impact resistant glass door insert. It is a 3-layer material that is made of two glass pieces with an interlayer of ethylene-vinyl acetate or polyvinyl butyral.

  • Find the Highest Privacy Rating

While living in Toronto, most of the homeowners are concerned about security and there is no way they could think to compromise over glass door inserts. This fact stands true when home’s front is highly visible and open to the outside world. Since front door is responsible to work as a basis for protection, homeowners have to find those glass panel units that allow light into the home. Curtains and blinds may obstruct its way while having appropriate glass door inserts can maximize privacy without compromising over light. With opaque coatings, they can restrict outsiders from sneaking into the home. These coatings offer different ranges to allow light and ensure visibility. Homeowners should understand that low privacy ratings offer high level of viability and light while high ratings cause hindrance. So, the rule of thumb is to go for mid-level privacy rating to retain security.

Homeowners can also choose frosted glass coatings in order to increase privacy and protection with the door. They can go for patterned varieties- particularly floral, dotted, linear or curved- to ensure elegance and efficiency of the property.

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