How to choose the best Self-Storage in Dunstable


Posted on: 27 July 2019 by Leo Thomas

A storage facility where the shop owners and sales teams can gain easy

Dunstable and Luton are two bustling towns in Bedfordshire with a large volume of small businesses. A vibrant economy of commerce and a bustling population means that storage space is at a premium for most.

So, it is comforting to know that City Store in Dunstable is large area with hundreds of units where you can safely store excess stock. Clothing and perishable foods are among the popular commodities sold in the region and most retailers are desperate for more space.

A storage facility where the shop owners and sales teams can gain easy and regular access to goods is an important factor in keeping the business flowing and the stock levels secure. Often, many retailers are encouraged to buy in bulk.

Buying in bulk is cheaper than purchasing just enough goods to fill the shelves. Traders need to buy large consignments at reduced prices in order to sell at the best profit margins. But with on-site storeroomsusually making up about half the space of the shop floor – this type of transaction is not always feasible.

However, if you make use of City Store in Dunstable, all those goods and stock items can be stored safely and traders will regular access to items whenever the shop requires refilling.

Domestic and Household Items

As well as traders making good use of storage space at City Store in Dunstable, homeowners or those on the move from one house to another, can also.

Often when a homeowner moves within a district there can be a window of time where the home they move out from needs to be vacated and the house they are moving into cannot yet be occupied. This occurrence happens often when chain selling forms part of the sale. Families are forced to stay with relatives or in hotels and there are no provisions for storage of furniture, clothing, kitchenware or gardening tools.

At City Store in Dunstable an entire stock of household furniture and belongings can comfortably fit within one of the depot’s larger units. All the while, you can be rest assured everything will be safe and secure throughout the weeks it stays in storage.

Students can also benefit from using storage at City Store in Dunstable. Many will leave the country on gap years and storage can be provided for cycles, clothing, books and musical equipment at discounted rates.

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