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Posted on: 16 June 2016 by John Bell

As we get older, dressing appropriately becomes increasingly tricky. In this post, we examine some simple tips for dressing stylishly no matter what age you are.

As we get older it seems there’s always something new to worry about. Whether it’s retirement age, worrying about pensions or savings, investments, helping out the children (or grandchildren), myriad health issues or wondering whether or not to downsize the house, it seems our later years come with a whole new set of problems and concerns.

One concern many of us don’t necessarily see coming however is what to wear, and whether or not we’ve become ‘too old’ for some of the clothes in our wardrobe. There’s nothing that makes you feel your age as someone telling you you’re too old to continue wearing that leather jacket or Prada dress, and you don’t want to continue wearing something you probably shouldn’t be.

So to help you out a little, here’s a few tips for dressing your age, particularly in relation to those in their 50s:

Learn to let go

One of the biggest factors in looking stylish as you get older is learning to be comfortable with a certain degree of letting go. You shouldn’t see it as a loss however, rather as a process of streamlining and simplifying your wardrobe, and replacing pieces as appropriate.

Embrace colours

Whereas you may have always opted for a black leather jacket or a little black dress, as you get older you should learn to embrace colour. Generally speaking, colours are more flattering on older complexions than black is, and blues are particularly good for the older person.

Lose the animal prints

You may have been able to get away with the leopard or zebra print in your younger years, but as you get older animal prints should be resigned only to accessories.

Learn from the pros

Start paying attention to older celebrities who still look stylish as they get older, and take a few cues from their wardrobe choices. For men, actors like George Clooney, Colin Firth or Clive Owen will give you excellent examples, for women, pay attention to the likes of Julianne Moore or Kristin Scott Thomas.

The fit is all important

This is true of any age really, but it becomes particularly important if you want to continue to look stylish as you get older. Make sure your clothes fit you properly, and consider getting your current wardrobe and any new purchases tailored. Nothing will accentuate your age like a poorly fitted dress or suit.

Pay attention to your footwear

What you wear on your feet can make a massive difference to how you look, and how you feel. For men, trainers become increasingly tricky to pull off as you get older, particularly those in bright colours or ‘young’ designer brands. Invest in smart shoes that are comfortable, and aim for a good variety. Start with a selection of brogues, loafers and monk straps to get you moving in the right direction. For women, the choice is dizzying when it comes to shoes, heel heights, heel types, etc. so I would recommend checking out this fantastic guide from JD Williams, which will help you dress your feet appropriately for the right occasion. 

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