How To Find Chicken Coops Of The Right Size


Posted on: 23 July 2015 by Sam Pullin

When opting for chicken coops look for handmade designs as they are sturdy. A coop that is made from high quality material, with good enough space will keep your chicken(s) healthy.

You might be waiting to keep your own hens, but don’t know where to start. The first thing that you will need is chicken coops. This is where you will be putting the chickens and breeding them. The kind of coop you select plays a big role to the health and comfort of your chickens.

Small Chicken coops

How to find the best chicken coop for growing your chickens? 

The most important point to check is the material used to make the coop. It should be made of high quality pre-treated wood so that it can withstand the harsh weather conditions. Wood that is low quality will quickly wear and is also susceptible to redmite. It should not be completely enclosed by wood, the sides should be open and enclosed with a high quality aluminum mesh. Mesh is available in various materials so be careful on this point as a poor quality mesh can result in safety problems for the hens. There should be a separate nesting area, large enough to accommodate at least two hens at the same time. Coops are available in various sizes, so you can easily find one to suit your needs. Buying medium sized coops, will allow you to start with a couple of chickens and work your way up as you wish. 

Handmade chicken coops are the best because of their rigid frame and strong design. The inside of the coop should be spacious, there should be good enough room for the hens to run about, exercise,  look for insects and generally be active. This is very important part of keeping the hens healthy. Another is hygiene. How clean you keep the coops determine how well you hens breed. They should not succumb to diseases. This also depends a lot on the coop design.  So look for a coop with a design that makes cleaning and maintenance easy. You should be able to complete cleaning in just a couple of minutes. There should be a provision for putting a water drinker and feeder. The coop’s design should be such that it is raised a little above the ground. This will prevent heat from getting inside through the ground during the summer and likewise the cold during winter. Keeping the right internal temperature is very important for chicken health. 

The coop material should be sturdy and thick enough to prevent predatory animals from scratching their way through. The wire mesh must be made from galvanized material as otherwise it can be easily broken by preying animals, thus leaving your hens open to danger.  The hinges and bolts must be made from rustproof and strong material as otherwise it poses a danger to hen safety. It is easy for the door to tear away at any time leaving the hens exposed to weather elements and predatory animals. It is best to start out with a small chicken coop and then move on to bigger ones as your chicken number increases. 

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