How to Get the Best Mental Health Insurance Offer


Posted on: 04 August 2018 by Rono Bens

Searching for mental health insurance deals can be quite hectic if you do not have prior knowledge of how it works.

Without this insurance, you can spend much money in the event of a critical mental health condition. In some cases, clients are compelled to reduce the number of services they can benefit from because of the high costs.

We have identified some useful tips that can help you find the best mental health insurance deals and get the most out of it.

Special arrangements provided by employers

Some job offers come with special provisions for mental health insurance for the employees. It is done under an arrangement called the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The employers settle the costs of the insurance and employees can access mental health care when necessary. However, these are short-term arrangements during which employees are evaluated to determine the potential mental health issues they may be dealing with and the right short-term treatments. In the case of more severe mental health issues, the employees are referred to other facilities for extensive care. It is important to ensure that an EAP has been included in your employment offer.

The inclusion of behavioral health benefits

You are in luck if behavioral health benefits have been added as part of your mental health insurance coverage. Find out if this is the case by studying the related mental health section in the company’s policy documents regarding employee welfare.

Finding the best mental health insurance offer

The process of purchasing mental health insurance is done according to the specific policies presented by the health agencies. The conditions vary among the states, and you should find out the

requirements in your state before making a final decision. According to the Affordable Care Act, the mental health insurance packages purchased after 2014 must include the mental health benefits.

 For people with health insurance plans that do not include mental health coverage, the solution is to migrate to a high deductible health care plan which includes mental health insurance. The deductible value for the HDHP is usually lower than the current expenses, and you may save more. The HDHPs are commonly added to the health savings account which makes it possible for you to include add the deductible to your pre-tax fees.

What happens in the case of disability?

 Some people suffer from mental health challenges that prevent them from working. In this case, your coverage should include the disability benefits. However, this may not automatically include the benefits of a comprehensive health cover, but you can get it after a period of about two years under disability benefits. In this case, some state health care plans include the mental health coverage. Securing this benefit can be very hectic, so it is advised that you focus on getting your mental health insurance cover only except the disability due to mental health is very severe.

Provisions for veterans

All veterans are eligible for the comprehensive health cover which includes the mental health provisions. The coverage for veterans includes all cases that may be suffered by retired or injured veterans.

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