How to Help Your Baby to Sleep


Posted on: 29 November 2017 by Pranoy Agarwal

If you’ve been up all night with your baby and you’re ready to get some sleep then you may well be looking for a bedtime miracle.

Unfortunately, no such miracle sleep solution exists, or new parents wouldn’t spend so much time craving for the sound slumber they used to have. But there are tips and strategies that you can follow that may help your baby to fall asleep soundly, and stay asleep for a little longer too. Ready to try a new approach? Here are some top tips:

Make Sure the Room is Comfortable

One of the first things that you should do before you put your baby to sleep is ensure that their bedroom is as comforting and inviting for them as possible. The room should be as dark as possible, although light can be used strategically if baby dislikes being in the dark, and so that you can check on the baby during the night without having to turn lights on and off. You should also ensure that the temperature in the room is regulated, and that their bed is soft and free from obstructions.

Consider a Comforter

Some babies find comfort in holding something in their hands as they fall asleep: if this is the case then you may wish to consider choosing baby soft toy gifts, teddy bear comforters or something similar for your baby to hold as they are put into their cot. You could even sleep with the soft toy yourself, so that it carries your familiar scent, which your baby will find comforting.

Whilst cots should never be overcrowded with soft toys and bedding (and cot bumpers should never be used) a single soft toy certainly shouldn’t pose a health concern for your infant once they are more than a year old. Why not give them the comfort they crave as they fall to sleep?

Timing is Everything

The next tip is tricky for mums who breastfeed, but if possible your baby should be placed into their cot drowsy, but not asleep. The sooner your baby learns to go to sleep by self-soothing, the less stressful bedtime will be for all of you. That doesn’t mean your baby should be wide awake when you put them to bed though – wait until they are around 7-8 on your imaginary drowsi-o-meter and place them in bed gently with plenty of soothing noises and a good night kiss.

If you have a relatively noisy house during the day time (for example, if you have other kids at home) then you may wish to consider investing in a white noise machine: babies that are used to sleeping in a completely silent room may actually find the lack of noise unsettling.

There is no quick fix to getting your baby to sleep through the night, and new parents should be weary of any faddy new sleep technique that suggests otherwise. But by creating a calming sleep environment for your baby that helps you both relax, you will begin to get used to a new routine that ultimately results in longer and more satisfying sleep for everyone.

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