How to Improve Our Health As We Age


Posted on: 31 October 2018 by Sarah Macpherson

CBD Oil has been touted as a treatment solution for many common ailments. How can it help you?

The Cannabis Sativa family of plants (Hemp and Marijuana) contain compounds known as cannabinoids. These 100-plus cannabinoids have some excellent effects on the human body that are only now just being discovered and fully understood. While they have been used for centuries by numerous cultures all around the world, in the US, much is still be uncovered.


Any oils and products made with Hemp derived CBD Oils are completely legal in all 50 states in the USA.  As a lot of research and anecdotal evidence continues to pour in that supports the idea that there are numerous health benefits that come directly from the use of CBD Oil, we thought we would examine the benefits of CBD oil in greater detail. Below are some of the many benefits that are believed to come from consuming CBD Oil.


7 Health Benefits from CBD Oil 


#1 Pain Relieving properties - According to the results of several studies, certain components of CBD Oil affect the operation of the neurotransmitters in the central nervous system, which helps to block the pain sensation in the brain.


#2 Helps with depression and anxiety symptoms - It believed that CBD Oil effects the receptors in brain for serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter that affects behavior and mood. This conclusion has come about from the analysis of results from several different independent studies.


#3 Helps with cancer-related symptoms - For people taking chemotherapy drugs for cancer treatment, they have long had to deal with the side effects associated with chemotherapy such as nausea. According to several promising studies, CBD Oil has shown to have a positive effect on cancer symptoms.


#4 Thought to work on relief of acne - Acne, which is a skin condition that is said to affect nearly 10% of the population, is thought to be caused in part by the oversecretion of sebum. According to research, it is thought that the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD Oil interacts with the gland in the skin that responsible for secretion of sebum to prevent acne from occurring.


#5 Showed signs of effectiveness with neurological disorders - According to researchers, the positive effects that have been shown of CBD Oil on the body’s endocannabanoid system makes it a logical choice for use with neurological disorders.


#6 Helps with heart-related conditions - It is believed that the anti-stress and anti-anxiety properties of CBD Oil is believed to be the reason why it has shown to have positive effect on lowering blood pressure.


#7 Additional benefits - There are a number of other benefits that have shown a great amount of promise including; anti-tumor treatments, anti-psychotic disorders - just to name a few.


For more information, check out this guide about CBD oil -


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