How to Make A Good Impression on Your First Date


Posted on: 19 February 2019 by Tom Clark

So, you’ve finally plucked up the courage to ask out that girl or guy you’ve been eyeing for a while.

You’re probably over the moon for the first few minutes before a wave of anxiety washes over you; How do you do well enough on your first date to lock in a second, third, fourth, and on?

Pre-first date jitters are a very real thing. You’ve probably watched enough movies, listened to enough love songs portraying first dates as the firestarter to a lifelong romance.

Contrary to pop culture, the butterflies don’t come as easily in real life. It takes chemistry, good timing, and a well-planned date for the universe to conspire in your favour!

Don’t succumb to a mental breakdown just yet. Pull your wits together because we’ve compiled all of the best, tested and proven tips to win big on your first date.

  1. Location Matters

As the first date is the first time for you and your potential partner to get to know each other, it should be someplace quiet but not too quiet that you’ll feel the awkward silence.

The first date location sets the tone for how the entire day or night is going to go, so be sure to choose one that’s lighthearted enough and takes the pressure off.

Opt for casual environments like coffee shops. The last thing you want is to book a place at a fancy restaurant, only to find out that your date hates that kind of food. You’ll be facing a very huge bill and a very disappointing date in that case.

2. Be Interested

For quiet, introverted people, the conversation is one of the most excruciating parts to plan for a date. You end up overthinking the topics and how you should say them too much that your nerves can be felt throughout the room.

While showering them with compliments and cheesy pick-up lines may seem like the easiest thing to do, It’s something you should avoid.

Rather, try to spark an engaging conversation with your date. You can hit it off by asking about her background, what he/she does, what they like to do during their spare time, pretty much anything.

The tip here is to be interested in whatever your date is saying. Plus points if your date actually brings up something you’re passionate about, and just watch the sparks fly.

3. Don’t Make Your Date Your Therapist

While it might be nice for you to feel immediately comfortable enough to spill all your feelings to your date, we strongly advise against it.

Remember, your date is your date and you’re not paying him/her dinner to listen to your problems

If you’re dating to get over a break-up or if you’re going through something, it’s best to save it until you’ve ensured that your date is fully interested in pursuing a relationship. Keep in mind that a date is supposed to be a fun activity to test your chemistry, and all your effort should be in pursuing that goal.

4. Prepare Well Physically, Emotionally, Mentally

If you’ve just gotten out of a relationship and are looking to rebound: don’t. Not only will you save yourself from fully healing, but you’ll also save your date’s time as well.

It’s best to start dating when you’re in the right emotional and mental state. This could help you figure out what you really want in a partner without your judgement being clouded by baggage.

Physically, you should prepare as well. We don’t mean a full makeover to transform yourself prior to a date. However, putting in the effort to look good can score you a lot of points.

Be sure to get the basics down like shave, shower, fix your hair, and smell good. It’s common knowledge that a person’s scent can make or break someone’s first impression of you!

So be on the lookout for the top perfumes that will make someone look forward to a second date as soon as they get a sniff.

5. Learn from Past (Bad) Dates

Experience is the best teacher, and there’s nothing better to tell you what to avoid than your bad dates.

Avoid dwelling in your past mistakes during dates rather, focus on what you can learn from them. Were you too personal too fast? Did you act too disinterested? Did you say something insensitive?

Once you’ve taken a moment to self-reflect, you’ll be able to improve your dating skills better and better as you go along.

6. Don’t Be Too Fixated on Compatibility

The tendency with first dates is that you tend to come into it with a set of compatibility requirements. Our tip is for you to not get too fixated on these; Keep in mind that being a perfect match doesn’t require perfect compatibility.

Perhaps there’s some grain of truth in opposites attract. It’s these little quirks and differences that will make your relationship more exciting. Otherwise, you’ll just be dating a carbon copy of yourself.

Now, go enjoy your first date and we hope you find the one!

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