How to Make Good Headlines for Your Online Dating Profile


Posted on: 25 July 2016 by Kevin Cage

Making a profile on an online dating site involves many steps. Even if they do not know where that line comes from, but they still like it, that means that you left a good first impression.

Making a profile on an online dating site involves many steps. Some easy steps are filling your body type, eye color or weight, but harder steps come when you have to write something interesting about you. Some recent studies have shown that people are mostly looking for funny people online. Funny as characteristic seems to be the most attractive both in men and women, so the best thing you can do is do your best to write something funny. If you do not have an idea what to write, you can always borrow a line from your favorite comedy movie or from a song. If someone else knows where that line comes from that would be great. That way you can establish the initial contact. Even if they do not know where that line comes from, but they still like it, that means that you left a good first impression.
 Another thing to have in mind is to be specific. If you seek a long relationship and commitment, then write that down. Let the people know what you are looking for. The more specific you are the better your chances to find someone that is looking for the same thing as you. Next, describe and emphasize your best attributes and characteristics. However, you should make an effort to use certain terms and phrases that are attractive. Some common words for men that are very attractive are spontaneous, original, passionate, and careful. Women should use words like funny, sweet, thoughtful, optimistic, positive, etc. You will soon find out that all of these words have the ability to attract people, so put them upfront before you write down anything else.
Talking about your interests is always a great idea. People like to get involved with someone that they share common interests. Stating your interests will let others know what you like or dislike, so they will know whether to approach you or not. If you like biking, hiking, or mountain climbing, make sure you let others know that. That way the chances are bigger that you will be contacted by someone that likes the same things as you.
Also, important thing to remember is to be confident no matter what you write on your profile. Some studies are pointing out that people are attracted to those people that have positive and nice profiles, but that are not very pushy, fancy or glowing. Stay humble and be honest, otherwise you risk being perceived as someone that pretends to be something that is not.
In conclusion, you should not worry too much about what kind of headline to write. Some people do not even see the profile headlines, as either they are too focused on watching your photographs or are too busy reading the details on your online dating profile. If you are not certain what to write, then the best option would be to borrow some phrases or sentences from famous people. Include a quote or two, some song lyrics or maybe write your favorite movie line.

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