How to make Money by Recycling


Posted on: 06 June 2018 by Chris Thomas

Recycling is great for planet earth and as well as for ourselves. Every year we celebrate EARTH DAY on April 22 and to celebrate it through one of the great ways is by Recycling. Instead of throwing away your unwanted or old items, it’s better that you recycle them.

          How to make Money by Recycling

Recycling is great for planet earth and as well as for ourselves. Every year we celebrate EARTH DAY on April 22 and to celebrate it through one of the great ways is by Recycling. Instead of throwing away your unwanted or old items, it’s better that you recycle them.
The process of transforming waste or unwanted items into reusable items or objects is called Recycling.
Recycling is not only good initiative for the environment but also you can make money through it. Make money through recycling is not a myth anymore. There are plenty of options available that you can use to make money by recycling.
It is now well practised in the world that by doing some effort you can make money by recycling.
You can recycle a vast range of items to make extra money for yourself. Below mentioned are some of the methods that you can adopt.

Find an organisation for collection (Recycling Centres)

First of all, find a proper recycling centre near you which offer cash for recycling items. Do some internet research and find that centre. After that visit that centre with your items that you want to recycle. Also, confirm from that centre that in what format they will accept the items. To save time it is always suggested to check the rules before submitting your items to recycling centres or collection points.


Bottles are a good way of earning cash. Take the empty bottles or cans with you, visit the centre or bottle return centres. Usually, these bottle return centres have vending machines like boxes, you put your bottles there and in return, you get a ticket that you can redeem anytime for cash. So it’s better to save bottles and cans in your house and use them for cash by following the above mentioned lines.

Scrap metal

Though scrap metal does not remain as popular as it was but it is still the profitable recycling method. You can earn a good amount of money by scraping metal. First of all, you have to find out scrap yard located in your area. To be on the safe side, ask scrap yard that which metal it accepts. Aluminium, copper, brass are some of the metals which are accepted by scrap yards. If your metal sticks to the magnet then this metal is ferrous metal and it is less valuable.  And if your metal doesn’t stick to the magnet then it is not a ferrous metal and can give you better cash. Scrap yards accept both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Copper will give more money as compare to other metals as it is most valued scrap metal.

Electronics and Mobile Phones

We can do mobile phone recycling comparison with other electronics. But recycling old mobile phones is a good step and we can get money in return. There are companies who offer cash by taking old mobile phones and other electronics. It is actually illegal to throw away mobile phones and other electronics because of the toxic elements they contain. It does not matter that you have refurbished mobile phone or broken phone, you can earn cash from it. Many mobile companies have trade-in programmes.

Sell your unwanted clothes

There are always some clothes in your wardrobe that are no longer usable. So instead of throwing them out, you can recycle them and earn some money as well.

Sell your items online

There are quite a few websites who offer to sell your products online. Simply list your undesirable items there and earn money.

Used Cooking Oil

Biodiesel fuel is a popular energy source. Different buyers purchase used cooking oil and use them to power their houses. You can find out such buyers by doing some research work.

Refill Water Bottles

We use water bottles regularly and they cost us money every time if we buy new bottles. It’s a great suggestion that we can refill our old bottles after washing them properly. You can save enough money by cutting down your water expenses.

Used Tennis Balls

Used tennis balls can be recycled as well and we can earn some amount from these balls. Tennis balls contain rubber, which can be reused. There are companies who buy these used tennis balls and make new ones. So collect a lot of tennis balls and recycle them for good.

Dryer sheets as air fresheners

Air fresheners are expensive items and we can avoid the cost of purchasing new ones. Just place a few dryer sheets in your room, but not in your way. These will help you to freshen up your room and you don’t have to buy new air fresheners.

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