How to Prevent Cataract


Posted on: 27 September 2014 by Diana Smith

Useful tips when it comes to cataract prevention.

First of all, it is important to know what the cataract is and what actually happens to the eye before trying to figure out what to do about it. In simple words, cataract is the cloudiness in the eye that prevents it from performing its function properly. The part of the eye that gets clouded is the lens. In time, this part gets yellow color and becomes an obstacle that severely damages the vision. People experiencing cataract have troubles recognizing colors, faces, their ability to drive is much reduced and the like. The cataract can lead to the complete blindness and it is generally treated by surgery.

What Actually Happens With the Eye?

The eye works in the following way: the light enters the eye, goes through the lens and focuses in the back at the retina. Retina is the layer on the back of the eye that is sensitive to the light. Light triggers many reactions both chemical and neurological and that is what makes the optic nerves that sends signals to the brain. This is the simplest possible way of explaining how we see. However, if the lens of the eye’s ability to pass the light gets altered, the light is prevented from reaching the retina. What happens with the lens is that several different reasons may cause it to get yellow pigmentation.

What Can Cause Cataract?

The first and the number one reason for getting the cataract is the old age. Once a person turns 65 the risk of cataract increases and many people suffer from it. Other things that can cause the cataract are radiation, trauma, genetics, skin diseases, drug use and other health issues as well as some medication. Therefore, one general rule would be to try and stay clear of the medications that you don’t need and those that you or your doctor know can cause these kinds of problems. Also, staying safe and protecting the eyes at all times goes without saying.

What Are the Symptoms?

There are different types of cataracts and their forming is different so the early cataracts symptoms can vary. However, among the first symptoms that happen if the cataract starts to form is the blurry vision. As it begins to form, the light has more trouble reaching the retina and the vision becomes blurry. This state increases, until, gradually, the vision becomes so blurry that it is evident that it is not temporary condition and that it is there to stay. Some types of cataract also have glare as the symptom. People who have these sorts of symptoms should report to the doctor to test their vision and find the causes of its reduction.

How to Prevent it?

Since you cannot – not get old, here are the things that you can do. There are some lifestyle changes that will lead you to the cataract free life. Smoking is one of those habits that simply have to go away. If you are a smoker, it is utterly necessary that you stop if you hope to avoid cataract. The same goes with binge drinking.

Another thing are dietary changes. Substances that fight off cataract the most are antioxidants as they fight free radicals in your body, thus slowing down the aging processes, thus reducing the risk of cataract forming. The most efficient antioxidants in this fight are vitamins C and E. some studies showed that they can reduce the risk of cataract by 50%. However, the same study tried to repeat the result by using supplements rather than vitamins from the fruit and they failed. Therefore, getting these vitamins from fresh fruit and vegetables seems to be the right way to do it.

While some other medical conditions may cause cataract, like diabetes, it is important that you tend to those problems as well and treat them in a timely manner. All sorts of eye protection, like proper sunglasses, restricted exposure to sun and the like are necessary.

It seems that the cataract prevention actually means that you need to lead healthy lifestyle and create healthy habits that improve the general wellbeing of your body. That with general care for your eyes and early reaction to possible symptoms should ensure you have good vision even at old age.

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