How to re pot indoor plants?


Posted on: 04 June 2020 by Alex Degtyarev

All indoor plant pots should be changed in a certain period of plant growth. For such work, there are basic rules. Each type of plant has its characteristics and preferences that are important to take into account when you start the repot procedure.

All indoor plant pots should be changed in a certain period of plant growth. For such work, there are basic rules. Each type of plant has its characteristics and preferences that are important to take into account when you start the repot procedure. It is not only the choice of a flower pot, but also the choice of soil, fertilizer, drainage or special nutrient mixtures.

Time and rules of repotting

In spring, all plants wake up and begin to develop after winter stagnation. It is time to transplant your indoors houseplant. Flowers or plants that you bought in the store can be repotted one month after purchase, or you can postpone it for several months. People grow at home not only familiar cactus, succulent or aloe vera, but also bamboo, orchid, decorative palm tree, ficus and much more. Domestic young plants that have already passed adaptation to new conditions are transplanted every spring, taking into account their characteristics.

There is a partial replacement of the soil when you remove a few centimeters of ground from above and add a new one. Also, you can completely replace the pot with a larger size if the root system of your plant have grown or have problems such as decay or house pests. Also, flower growers use partial soil replacement when the old ground remains inside the roots and you do not need to clean the roots completely.

Hot to repot houseplant?

Before the sale, the soil of the plant is filled with special nutritional products for lush growth and flowering. Therefore, many plants in the store stay fresh for a long time and look amazing. But such food is enough for several months so you do not need to hurry with a transplant to a new ground. It would be better to find more useful information about your new plant, find out its needs for nutrients, the choice of pot, soil composition, amount of watering, etc. Find useful video on YouTube where experts will tell you a lot of interesting data about a particular plant and show in detail how to replace the soil yourself safely.

Inspect the root system if you bought a new plant at a sale. Carefully remove it from the pot and look at the visible part of the roots. Find special remedies, use spraying or cutting damaged roots. Dip the plant in its former pot and add a little nutritional supplement. If you replaced the pot, then fill up the new soil leaving its former ground on the roots. Many plants such as Phalaenopsis, Cymbidiums or Haworthia have special requirements for transplanting to another soil and pot, so study this before the replacement procedure. Water the plant properly and put in a specific place given its preferences for humidity and lighting. Water your plant and do not change its location so as not to disturb the adaptation period.

Planter and soil selection

After a period of adaptation, some plants grow very quickly and their root system increases, so flower growers choose the larger pot. This applies to many house plants but also outdoor flowers or decorative trees. It is very simple to understand - you will see the roots of the plant that climb through the drainage hole of the pot. The plant will show that the pot becomes small for its root system, the leaf will be faded and the crown will begin to drop. A plant cannot take enough nutrients from the ground because it is not enough for it to feed the entire root system. To prevent your plant from suffering and rot, replace the pot and add more soil and nutrients.

Transplanting any plant is quite simple but you need to consider many factors that are suitable for a particular flower or tree. Study the necessary information or find a video so as not to hurt your plant.

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