How to Smoke Pork Ribs


Posted on: 04 April 2017 by Shari Pelham

To help you in making a delicious and perfect smoked pork ribs, consider the tips listed in this article.

Smoked pork ribs are more popular, but getting it done well isn’t an easy task. The trick is to monitor the temperature and time.

It can be a great pleasure to smoke pork ribs perfectly. This is the reason why it’s essential to know the right way to smoke pork ribs.

Professionals smoke the pork ribs dry during the cooking process. Instead, they use mop sauce to keep the ribs moist.

It is best to smoke rack of ribs that are not frozen. Let the butcher remove the excess fat and choose the ribs that are pink in color.

Another thing to consider to perfectly smoke rack of ribs is the woods that you’ll use. Some of the woods that you can use are hickory, alder and mesquite. But, you can use any type of wood available in your place.


To help you in making a delicious and perfect smoked pork ribs, consider the tips listed below:

Tips for Smoking Pork Ribs

  • Pull off the rib membranes

If you want to achieve a perfectly done smoked pork ribs, you should ensure pulling the membrane off the ribs. This way the flavor will penetrate into the back side of the rack.

  • Season the ribs

Make sure to season both sides of the slab or put a rub. Let it set for 30 minutes before smoking. This will allow the seasoning to absorb the meat.

  • Use the right temperature

The right internal temperature in smoking pork ribs is 160 degrees. It’s not a good idea to smoke the ribs beyond the required temperature as it will affect the taste. Replace the charcoal after reaching the internal temperature to ensure that the ribs will turn out great.

  • Prevent ribs from burning

The sugar content of the rub can cause burning when smoking the ribs. That’s why when using dry rub make sure that it has low sugar content. If the sugar content is high it would burn fast and may create unpleasant, bitter taste.

  • Wrap the ribs

The trick to achieve tender smoked ribs is to wrap it with aluminum foil. You can add a little margarine, apple juice or anything that will enhance the taste. Make sure that the bones won’t puncture the foil so that the juice won’t drain.

Keeping the ribs wrapped makes it easier to tenderize the ribs. Once the slabs are tender, you can remove from the smoker (you can use masterbuilt propane smoker). Be careful in unwrapping the ribs as they may fall apart. After 10 minutes, you can put the glazing and bring it back to the smoker.

The standard smoking time is 5 hours, but may also vary depending on the thickness of the slabs. The exhaust damper must be wide open so that the smoke won’t be trapped inside the smoker.

To prevent strong flavor of the smoked pork ribs, you can reduce the smoking time and let the heat of the smoker finish the cooking process. Obviously, choosing young pork ribs can shorten the cooking time as they can get tender easily.

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