How to Spend Your Time When You Retire


Posted on: 05 July 2018 by Samuel Barnes

When you’ve spent the last few decades working and you suddenly retire, you have tons of spare time. At the beginning it is somewhat hard, because you were used to get up every day, go to work and most of your time did really pass at work.

When you’ve spent the last few decades working and you suddenly retire, you have tons of spare time. At the beginning it is somewhat hard, because you were used to get up every day, go to work and most of your time did really pass at work. When you retire, however, things change drastically, over a night, one might say. You suddenly don’t have to go to work and you need to find what to do. You cannot sit in one place the whole day or spend it on just watching TV. We decided to present to you a list of some activities to concentrate on, when you retire, because now, you already know everything and you just have the whole time to relax.


You need a schedule, not only because you were used to have a filled with tasks day, but also, because you need to somehow fill your time. If you don’t, you risk start feeling aimless, not doing anything. Just like you had your tasks planned around your working schedule, this time, plan them however you want. Most of the activities you will be doing when you retire are reading, going for a walk, cleaning your home, but you will have more naps. You’ve been working your whole life, so you have the complete right to include naps in your daily schedules. Plan everything with pauses in between. The pauses can be up to half an hour. For example, after you went back from shopping and dealt with all the groceries, relax for a few minutes, if needed take a nap. No one will judge you. You don’t necessarily need to write down a schedule, but keep one in your head and try following it.


Whether you live in an apartment or a house, if there is a garden close by, then start paying more attention to it. if you find this activity pleasant, then you are one step ahead, because you will have an extra activity. Taking care of plants (watering, trimming), collecting autumn leaves, planting new flowers, tenancy cleaning furniture and other activities in the garden can be really calming and will definitely bring you a positive vibe. If you have a vegetable garden, then you have even better options, because vegetables require more attention and care than any common flower garden. Also, vegetable gardens are one very good way to eat more healthy and have the chance to grow your own food. Having a garden and taking care of it is nothing but a plus.

Home maintenance

Do you remember how you barely found time to maintain your home? Even if this wasn’t your case, you will still have the time to take everything slow with the cleaning tasks. You never had to clean the whole place in two day, and now you don’t as well. Divide the chores in different days and spend no more than half an hour to clean your home.

Friendly gatherings

Just because you are retired, doesn’t mean you are alone, or you don’t have friends anymore – just the opposite. You’ve been pending the last few decades meeting lots of people, working with many of them as well. The chances are they are in your age gap and are, too, retired, so they probably have the same amount of spare time. Remember when you were younger? You were somehow till capable of finding some time to play card games, scrabble, watch a TV show and anything you liked. You can safely do it with a good friend now, and time will definitely not pressure you.

Work can still be part of your life

Just because you are retired, it doesn’t mean you cannot work anymore. You can try and find a part-time job to fit your schedule and still have some spare time to read in the evening. Also, you can be a volunteer for some charity and this will also take some of your time. If you manage to find a job, then you need to worry much less about the spare time. You will still have time to deal with daily tasks, like cleaning your home, taking a nap, shopping, etc.


A good way to keep your body strong and flexible is to regularly exercise, now that you have more time. Even if you didn’t visit the gym regularly the past few decades, there is no reason to not do it now. It is not necessary to go to the gym, you can do some stretching, exercises or yoga at home and you will be perfectly good.


Now, that you are already retired, you can easily find the time for that perfect vacation, you’ve been wanting for years. Have you ever been to Venezia or Venezuela? Now, you can go there and spend a week, or even a month in this beautiful place, you’ve dreamed going to.When you think about it, life begins when you retire. You’ve been studying and then working your whole life and now you have the time you want to do whatever you want, so take advantage of that! Travel, see the world, grow your own food, exercise and don’t forget to read! If you hadn’t had the time to do all these things before, now you sure have!

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Simon Johnson posted 20 January 2020

I can tell you about my experience. I never had time while I was working. I retired only 7 months ago and these are still vivid memories for me. I always loved to watch movies and often visited the local cinema when I was in college. When Meredith and I got married, we took good films at the box office and enjoyed the evening evenings. Then our children were born and I had to work more. My last project exhausted me so much that I could watch the latest movies only from my smartphone through the ShowBox application.   It was a good trick then, but it was after this project that I decided it was time for me to relax. I have a list of films that I want to review. This is more important than travel))


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