How To Stay Active As Years Go By


Posted on: 09 September 2016 by Sophia Mest

Struggling to find new ways to stay active in your day-to-day life? I tell you all about how to do it.

When you reach your 50s, it’s easy to think of the stereotypical image of a man or woman with grey hair and a delicate disposition. You probably feel a lot younger than that at heart, and you might even look younger, too. So why should you start acting older? Keep yourself active with these top tips.


Kids are key

If you have grandchildren, you already have a prime way to stay active. When your kids were young, you probably spent hours playing games with them and running around. So why should it be any different this time around? Stay active by spending time with the kids. Play football, play tag, even hide and seek – these are all excuses to get active and raise your heartbeat. There’s no risk in playing with smaller children, who aren’t able to keep up with you even now unless you slow yourself down for them.


Make friends

It’s also a good time in your life to make new friends around your age. If you have any fit-conscious friends already, so much the better! Sign up for a new fitness class together or on your own. Think of it as a social exercise rather than a workout if you are having trouble getting motivated! When you have friends all staying active together, you are more likely to stick with it. It doesn’t have to be strenuous – choose something like yoga or Pilates if you don’t want to be running around all day. Whether you meet once a week or once a day, it’s a good way to keep fit.


Don’t drop your hobbies

You probably had hobbies when you were younger that were related to keeping fit. You might have enjoyed going for walks, or played a team sport. You may have simply made sure to exercise a few times a week. Whatever it was, you don’t have to drop it just because you are getting older. You may have to be a little more careful as the years go by, but that doesn’t mean you should stop altogether. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you are too old to do anything! You are as young as you feel, and the sooner you stop moving, the sooner you will start to feel old beyond your years.


Be mindful

It’s also useful to be mindful of the idea of staying active, and consider what you can do to help yourself. When it is time to nip to the shop to pick something up, ask yourself whether you would be able to walk there instead of driving the car. When you have the chance to try something new, consider going for it instead of just dismissing it off-hand. Your quality of life will be maintained and perhaps even improved by staying active, so keep this in mind as a top priority during your day-to-day life.


Be encouraged

Finally, if you feel that you are struggling to stay active, let friends and family members know that you would like to do more. Their encouragement and motivation will help you to move around a lot more than you would if you were struggling on your own. They may even make a new resolution to stay active along with you, which will certainly help you to keep going.


Remember, age is not a barrier to staying active. So long as you have parts that still move, get moving them – or you risk losing that movement sooner than you should! You’re not old enough to stop for another 50 years yet!


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