How To Take Care Of Your Clothes & Make Them Last Longer


Posted on: 17 July 2018 by Dawn Richard

How often do you think to yourself you could do with a new pair of jeans, a new t-shirt or sweater because your current one looks like you've worn it hundreds of times. Well, what if I told you that you could make your clothes look fresher for longer, retain there shape, size, colour and remain mark free, would you be interested? Then read on for some of the best tips out there to keep your clothes looking new for longer.

There’s nothing like putting on a fresh t-shirt that’s just come out of the washing machine, that fresh smell, it makes you feel clean and ready for the day. However washing your clothes incorrectly can have a big impact on how long they last. You can cause shrinking and misshapen clothing by washing at the wrong temperature. Make sure you read the label inside your clothing for instructions on how to wash them. The symbols can be confusing at first, but once you've got used to them, you won't even have to think about it, here is a handy guide on symbols to get you started.
Do you notice small holes in your clothes from washing your clothes and wonder what’s causing it? (Lots of people think it’s their machines) the holes are actually caused by friction from your jeans button and washing and drying makes the little pin prick holes bigger and that’s when you notice them! How to prevent it? You can buy soft silicon covers that go over your metal buttons, check out Holé.
Lastly, on the washing front, don't wash so much! Washing is tough on clothes, try to wear tops at least a couple of times before washing and trousers even more.
Next up, drying! It's all too easy to throw your clothes in the tumble dryer… but did you know that it shortens the life of your clothing? Some materials more than others, but drying your clothes at a high heat too quickly can break down the fibres of clothing and cause them to shrink. Clothes to absolutely not put in the tumble dryer will have this symbol on the label.
The best way to dry your clothes is outside on the washing line. This will keep clothes in shape and feeling fresh as a daisy.
Probably people’s least favourite house job, ironing can also reduce the life of your clothing. By using too high of a temperature on certain materials can cause marks and for the clothing to lose its shape. For some of the most common material temperatures, cotton should be around 180–220 °C, Wool around 160–170 °C and Silk around 140–165 °C.
A great tip if for when your clothes are losing their colour is to dye them. Dye is inexpensive and easy to use, you can buy a small pouch of dye for a few pounds and revive your old clothing. There are two methods to this, manually in the kitchen sink or let the washing machine do the work. Both ways work just as well so pick whichever you prefer.
If you follow these tips, your clothes will last for years to come. Make sure you bookmark this post the next time you're wondering why your clothes are looking a bit dated!

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