How to Turn Your Gardening Hobby into Skincare


Posted on: 16 August 2019 by Caroline Donnelly

What You Can Forage in the UK to Create Skincare for All Seasons

We have all heard about foraging for our food, but did you know we can also forage for our skincare?

With slow-beauty on the rise, and an increasing number of women keen to incorporate a waste-free regime, Fragrance Direct thinks foraging could be the next big sustainable trend. Natural ingredients are easy to source, you simply have to step outside.

Whether you're walking the dog or heading to the beach - there's a world of beauty products at your feet. 

Fragrance Direct have worked with Vegan MUA Em-J to create a list of year round forageable beauty you can forage around the UK. 

The piece is split out by seasons so you cansearch for different ingredients depending on when you want to go foraging. They have even put together some recipes for different skincare needs - from scrubs to serums, using the ingredients you can forage. 

For summer, they suggest a Rose Face Spritz which comes along with the most simple recipe for beginners who want to try their hand at creating their own skincare - as simple as foraging 7 roses and adding 1.5 litres of distilled water. 

Most ingredients you can find around the garden or in local wooded areas and parks. So next time you go for a walk, look out for these items to add to your skincare routine. 

Check out the full piece for more great forageable skincare recipes here

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