How To Write a Winning Cover Letter


Posted on: 25 April 2019 by Ignacio Durant

This may seem like a bit too much work, but the trust that the results are ultimately more than worth it, especially if you do it correctly.

For a lot of people, the act of writing a cover letter to is an incredibly daunting one. It does not have to be, as long as you understand its true purpose and take the whole process one step at a time. This may seem like a bit too much work, but the trust that the results are ultimately more than worth it, especially if you do it correctly. That being said, continue reading for some quality cover letter advice, including the proper format.

For the most part, you will – or at least you should – include a cover letter with every resume you send out to a potential position. It can actually mean the difference between being called in for an interview and being passed up for the job. Therefore, you can underestimate the importance of creating the very best cover letter you possibly can.

In fact, the best cover letter will complement your resume. Its most basic, primary purpose is to interpret all the factual information on your resume – while adding a personal touch as well. It is actually the earliest version of a written contract you have with a prospective employer. As such, it is the key to creating a truly stellar, unforgettable first impression.

In general, there are three different types of cover letters, beginning with the application letter. It is a response to a known job opening. On the other hand, a prospecting letter is used to inquire about any possible job openings or positions. Conversely, a networking letter is used to request any information and to ask for assistance in your search for a job.

For the most part, the correct cover letter format follows that of a standard business letter. That means that your cover letter should address three primary issues. The first paragraph needs to contain an explanation about why you are writing. The actual information included here really depends on the type of letter you are sending. The information is going to be different if you are sending a networking letter as opposed to an application letter. The middle paragraphs – i.e., the body of the letter – needs to explain why you have to offer, both in terms of general skills and in terms of any specific skills that will benefit the position to which you are applying. You also need to make sure to answer any inquiries about specific qualifications, especially if you are applying to a known, posted position. The concluding paragraph contains information explaining how you intend to follow up with the job. Prospective employers need to know exactly where, when, and how they can reach you.

In closing, you simply cannot underestimate the importance of crafting an excellent cover letter. Along with your resume and your CV, it is the key to making a wonderful first impression and piquing a potential employer’s attention. You have to be able to do that even though there may be hundreds of other applicants. Otherwise, your skills, your qualifications, and your achievements are just going to get buried in the crush.


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