How To Zen Out Your Garden With The Perfect Blend of Bulbs & Blooms


Posted on: 01 October 2018 by David Koller

If you do it well, your Zen garden will be a work of art. When choosing bulbs and blooms for the garden, the key is to imitate the natural layout. A Zen garden should mostly consist of Asian plants but it takes a bit of research to find the right ones.

The Zen gardens represented places where Buddhist monks went to contemplate and meditate, so it makes sense their design promoted harmony and created inner peace in anybody who spent time there.

Also called Japanese rock gardens, these gardens are a result of a carefully planned and controlled setting, aimed to bring you a sense of serenity and calmness. They are a perfect combination of raked sand, carefully placed stones, and just the right flowers, softly accentuated by the perfect lighting.

One of the main factors of creating a beautiful Zen garden is to have a perfect mix of Asian bulbs and blooms so as to have a colorful garden throughout most of the seasons.

Choosing the right flowers

If you do it well, your Zen garden will be a work of art. When choosing bulbs and blooms for the garden, the key is to imitate the natural layout. A Zen garden should mostly consist of Asian plants but it takes a bit of research to find the right ones.

The first thing is not to go overboard with the number of flowers you'll plant. The flowers should be sparsely planted in order to create space between them, as that space is equally important as the flowers itself. Plus, it helps you create the effect of a bigger garden.

To make your research easier, first, check out a couple of most popular Asian bulbs and blooms that you can plant in your Zen garden.

1. Azaleas

It can't get any more Japanese than a mound of azaleas in bloom. Azaleas come in various eye-popping colors, starting from white and going all the way to deep red. You can choose to prune the plant neatly or simply allow it to sprawl naturally. In case you don't have the neutral soil azaleas prefer, then go with heavenly bamboo or Japanese quince, as they both create an effect similar to azaleas.

2. Lilies

This may surprise you but many types of lilies originate from Asian woodland areas. They enjoy sunny clearings, which are easy to create in a Zen garden, just make sure you surround them with sand to help the drainage process. Japanese species like Lilium Leichtlinii and Lilium Speciosum will bloom in pink and yellow colors and give the garden a dash of gentle elegance.

3. Japanese woodland primrose

These incredibly cute tiny flowers are simply perfect for the shady corners of your Zen garden. They come in many colors and the beautiful thing about them is that they even have a different color on the back of their petals. You can even plant them in the sun, just make sure they get plenty of water.

4. Japanese catmint

As this charming blooming plant is found in Japanese mountainous areas, it is able to strive in almost any type of garden. It comes in shades of blue and pink, but also in white. You can plant it in a flower bed or keep it in a pot - it will be equally successful.

5. Japanese Irises

This type of bulbs is incredibly popular for its amazing colors and flower form - these bulbs almost look like large butterflies. They create an incredible impact on the viewer if you plant them in groups.

6. Tulips

They are one of the most beloved spring bulbs in Japan. Some types originate from central Asia. Their elegant look and various colors are an obvious reason why they are so loved and present in Japanese gardens.

How to accentuate the flowers

After you choose the perfect flowers for your garden, the next important step is to carefully design the rest of the garden so that they are highlighted and visible in all of their beauty.

Creating a patio is a way of providing yourself a meditation spot where you can enjoy the serenity and enjoy the blooming plants. Patio builders are starting to acknowledge the importance of unique patios that blend perfectly in any garden design, especially Japanese gardens. You should have a patio that's comfortable and inviting both in warm and cold seasons so that you can enjoy your Zen garden at any time. You can have it insulated and feel free to go outside whenever you feel like it.

As mentioned before, the space between the flowers and the surroundings are as important as the flower itself. The best way to use that empty space is to create paths around the flower beds and a patio that will provide a clear view of the rest of the garden. If you want to stay completely in the Japanese type of garden, then use gravel to create the paths that will swirl around the garden, inviting you to take a peaceful walk and admire the flowers.

As one characteristic of a Zen garden is to be enclosed, it's clear that a high fence or a wall should be shielding it from the outside world. The borders of the garden are another perfect spot for your flowers. You can choose one type of flowers and plant it along the fence - simplicity is another feature of a Zen garden so don't go with too many types of flowers at one spot.

Flowers are an essential part of any garden but in a Zen garden, they have an additional role. That's why you need to invest yourself in choosing the right flowers and making a perfect blend of them and planting them in just the right places.


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