How Tourism Companies are Responding to The Covid-19 Outbreak?


Posted on: 24 April 2020 by Erric Ravi

Before anything else, a coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost, a human tragedy that has affected hundreds of thousands of people. Moreover, the global economy is also taking a hit. The article below is intended to provide some insight for business leaders keeping in mind the evolving situation and its implications on their business.

Before anything else, a coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost, a human tragedy that has affected hundreds of thousands of people. Moreover, the global economy is also taking a hit. The article below is intended to provide some insight for business leaders keeping in mind the evolving situation and its implications on their business.

Some places have a handful of cases, while others with early community transmission have a few hundred, and sadly those with the uncontrolled, widespread transmission have tens of thousands. Following that, many governments have commenced public-health and economic responses to the situation, which keeps on evolving.

Organisations like UNWTO call upon the tourism and hotel sector to address this challenge with accurate measures and sound judgment. As you might be aware of it, tourism is one of the most affected sectors, and UNWTO has revised their 2020 forecast, adding that these predictions are likely to be revised as the situation develops.

The tourism sector, like no other economic activity with social impact, is completely dependent on interaction amongst people.

The tourism organisation has been doing its best and guiding the tourism sector on several levels such as-

●      They have been cooperating and working very closing with the World Health Organisation, the lead UN agency for the management of this outbreak;

●      Now with the help of WHO, they are coming up with health measure that if implemented, can minimise the unnecessary impact on international travel and trade;

●      They stand in solidarity with countries that are affected by coronavirus, and by emphasising on how tourism industry resilience can change the scenario!


Some other things the tourism industry can try to revamp their sector are -


Social media marketing

In a time like such, social media is becoming prevalent more than ever. This is the time you focus majorly on building relationships with guests, be it online or offline, should be the objective of every tourism company. You can come up with so many things such as video-based strategy- you can create revolving around the employees and their personal journey, pictorial depictions, and so on and so forth.

Just like UNWTO, companies like RateGain also stand in solidarity with tourism sectors and are trying their best to come up with solutions that can help them. RateGain is a travel technology company, one of the many softwares they provide is called BCV which is used to manage social media marketing for their clients. In a situation like such they can come up with strategies and ideas that might help you, it also includes a review of planned social media calendars and adjusting accordingly.


Be Flexible

As simple as it might sound, it is the most effective way to tackle a situation like such, all you need to do is be flexible. If need be, try to modify your cancellation policies by allowing modifications on pre-paid rates. Not just that, you can also update your loyalty programs, which will provide you with the flexibility to plan your future travels.


Try not to panic; stay calm.

This, of all, is one of the most important things you must follow. We know it’s not easy staying calm in the current scenario, but it is the first step of the recovery road. Currently, dropping your rate seems to be a logical option as it might lead to an increase in bookings; however, it isn’t. There are different kinds of restrictions being laid by the government which stops people from travelling. But for some work might never stop, target those people.

In such tough times, all we can do is try to motivate each other and try to stay positive. While the road to recovery is still slow, unpredictable, the only thing that you have in your favour is- preparedness. Spend this time to develop a future strategy that is ready to be deployed and will act helpful.

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