How What You Wear When Biking Can Make a Big Difference


Posted on: 09 October 2015 by Kelly Richards

Motorcycle clothing is essential when riding a motorcycle; what you wear can make a big difference in safety. You can be protected from road rash, burns and choosing biker apparel with protected armours and padding can also make a significant difference.

Choosing leather and fabric biker wear
There are two main materials used for biker clothing; Cordura and Leather. You can buy this as a one piece suit or separate jacket or trousers, the key thing to look for is the thickness of the material. Motorcycle leather jackets are mainly made from cowhide or buffalo hide; these hides are the thickest and are around 1.33mm in thickness. There are a number of types of leather which is used such as lamb and sheepskin but these are more suitable for fashion wear. The thickness of the leather will help protect you from road rash and burns and also help keep you warm as leather is like an added layer of skin.
Cordura is durable and known for its resistance to abrasions it is also a lighter weight option and can have further added options such as being waterproof, wind resistant. Bikers usually opt for 600D, which is thicker and stronger and ideal for motorcycle clothing .
What features to look for when selecting the correct biker clothing
The range of biker wear is vast and readily available, choosing the right one can be daunting. One method of cutting down your choices is to look at the key safety features. There are a number of features to look for motorcycle leather jackets and fabric biker jackets such as:
● Double lining-to help keep you insulated during the colder seasons and if the lining is removable then it's a double bonus as you can remove the lining during the warmer seasons
● Size adjustment features there are a number of key size adjustment features to look for such as waist belts and zippered cuffs.
● Scotchlite- this is reflective lighting which helps increase visibility at night so you are easily spotted on your bike
● Armours pads and extra padding Most biker wear come with armours pockets to place protective pads into or are stitched in permanently. These pads are usually on the elbows, shoulders and back. Make sure you look for armours which are CE approved.
Trousers for biker wear
Your legs are more opened to be hit from road debris and stones and normal jeans will not keep you protected from scratches. Leather and cordura trousers are perfect for protecting your legs whilst biking. Bare in mind that when purchasing leather trousers, one should always purchase a size up as leather is a tight material.
Style and design
Once you look at the safety features and material then comes the fun part of choosing the design and colour you like. There is such a vast variety online and in stores with famous classic designs such as the brando jackets or the easy rider jacket which was worn by Peter Fonda in the movie Easy Rider. You can get a variety of different lengths, leather biker jacket are usually waist length and fabric jacket tend to be a little longer.
To conclude, before choosing what to wear on your motorcycle think about safety first such as the thickness of the material, whether it comes with armours and all the other features name above and then think of which design you prefer.

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