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Posted on: 15 February 2015 by TanyaAE

White sandy beaches, diving, seaplane photo flights are just a part of the thrill

The Indian Ocean is always considered one of the most thrilling waters to cruise and explore. It provides a wonderful site to view the beauty of the neighbouring lands and islands. The Maldives is an extensive archipelago containing 1192 coral islands located in the Indian Ocean, Southeast of India. This extensive group of islands is considered part of Southern Asia. This land offers an unlimited variety of fun things to do for both locals and visitors. If you plan to visit these beautiful islands, then below are some of the most exciting things you should never forget to do. the white sandy beaches

Just like most lands that border the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are considered to be among the best beach destinations in the world. The unique powder white sand that is characteristic of Maldives’ beaches offer the most ideal platform to enjoy the beauty of the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Calm and tranquillity are what you will get on these beaches and unlike most tourist destinations, these beaches are not crowded, thus offering enough space to relax, unwind, enjoy and get excited at your own liberty. the Indian Ocean's waters

This archipelago's unbelievable dreamlike beauty not only lies on its surface. Apart from how beautiful its ocean surface looks, diving deep sea will surely unleash an adorable beauty. Its 3000 coral reef formations are just but a touch of what this destination has to offer. As you dive these waters, you may get the golden chance to interact with over one thousand fish species and other underwater creatures including shrimps, kaleidoscopic swimmers, mantas and sharks. Depending on your tourist agency, you could be provided with diving facilities and a professional diver who will act as a tour guide under the ocean. I assure you that this experience is a lifetime experience and most importantly, if you remember to carry your underwater camera along. You only need to travel by boat to that particular site and you will be good to start your diving experience.

Enjoy the water sporting thrill

The Maldivian part of the Indian Ocean is characterized by smooth flowing monsoon winds which create great tides and waves. These are more than perfect for water sports and a great tourist attraction in this part of the world. Sailing, wave surfing, body surfing, swimming.. The Maldives area is more sea than land and most resorts know exactly how to make the whole experience so much fun. Sports such as water polo and sailing on a parasail, kayak, jet-ski, water-ski and kite-surf are a tradition in this place. You will definitely enjoy each bit of your visit to the Maldives because most resorts will offer training for beginners.

The Seaplane photo flights

Ever imagined how the Maldives look from the sky? Apparently, this is no longer just a dream. Boarding one of the De Havilland DHC 6 seaplanes will definitely get you to enjoy travelling this land from the sky. The Maldives’ panoramic view from the sky is a picturesque sight, more exciting than the sites that are used on even the best postcards. This tour can only be described best as magical, with schools of dolphins, shallow lagoons and shoals of fish against the blue background of the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Physical features are not the only thing you can enjoy in Maldive. If you ever think of a place to inspire your senses – Maldive perfectly fits the purpose.

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Jhon Ron posted 30 August 2019

The resorts in  All Maldivian are on their own island. These range in size from 2.5km across to just 150m across.International flights arrive at Male's Hulhule airport, go! which is on an island of its own.The Maldives are a tropical paradise, and people visit for the beaches and the watersports - the underwater life is also  amazing. It is a must visit place.


Lisa Wond posted 29 October 2019

I think that it's quite a boring way to spend your vacation.. I mean, you don't need to go that far to just swim and sunbathe. I have a pool so for me it is not a problem at all. Well, of course there are some issues like draining and refilling but still, it's much simpler than going to a different country...

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