Is Cosmetic Surgery for You?


Posted on: 31 December 2013 by Isobel Summers

The popularity of cosmetic surgery has risen drastically in recent years, in no small part as a result of the countless celebrities who have opted for a facelift, tummy tuck or lip enhancement. In truth, most of the media attention given to cosmetic surgery tends to paint it in a very negative light

So is it all bad? The simple answer is no. Cosmetic surgery cannot be categorised purely as wrong or right. It has both advantages and disadvantages and the decision to have or not have a procedure should be based on the individual's personal values.


What are the Advantages?


Enhancing one's appearance is obviously the primary motivation when it comes to considering cosmetic surgery. It could be that the individual has been involved in an accident that has left them physically scarred or disfigured in some way. Or perhaps they feel that something is not quite right with their lips, nose, breasts, bottom or any other part of their body. For whatever reason a person chooses to undergo cosmetic surgery, if it goes according to plan, the procedure can give them a much more positive self image and accordingly, increase their general confidence. It can also be incredibly convenient. For example, someone who has serious problems losing weight may find that a cosmetic procedure is a very effective way to do this.


What are the Disadvantages?


Most of the negatives surrounding cosmetic surgery only come into play if the procedure does not go according to plan. Perhaps somebody has had breast implants only to find that their breasts no longer look even. Or maybe they've had a nose job and now feel that their nose doesn't look quite right. In such instances, the individual could feel even worse than if they had not undergone the procedure at all. There might also be a propensity to feel weak or inadequate, in that they've felt the necessity to alter their personal appearance in order to feel good about themselves.


A Personal Choice


Ultimately, it's an incredibly personal choice. If you don't feel at all bad about altering your body in order to look and feel better, there's nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery. However if you are concerned about whether or not you will like the outcome or if you feel weak for altering your body, you should avoid it. For those who are interested, the most important thing is to ensure you have a quality cosmetic surgeon

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