Joint activities for children and the elderly


Posted on: 24 November 2020 by Amy Smith Brown

Many claim that the children and the elderly are two age groups that have many similarities, and this is probably true.

Maybe what ultimately connects them is their common need for attention and care. This means that there are many more things that connect them and greatly reduce this age gap that exists between them. So these two age groups definitely have something to learn from each other. The constant simper of the children and their energy combined with the maturity and wisdom of the elderly can blend and create something wonderful and can lead to a healthy life. But what are the activities that can bring them even closer together? We will answer this question today.

Painting activities and crafts

All children, in addition to the large amount of energy they channel through their play, also show great creativity through their activities. Painting plays a leading role in the activities of our little friends, something in which the elderly themselves can participate, practising their own skills in painting and drawing, while at the same time having a pleasant and creative time with their grandchildren. Who knows, this occupation can awaken the artistic spirit that the elderly always hid inside them and through this game with the children to discover a lost aspect of themselves.

Creating crafts with children is also an enjoyable experience for the elderly. The elderly, during the arts, can show them various techniques they used at their age for their constructions, reminiscing about their own childhood and sharing their own memories with their grandchildren. Through these small constructions, the small child will come closer to the older one, with mutual heartwarming emotions on both sides.

Cooking and Baking

We always believe that the elderly have a well-hidden secret recipe for a delicious meal that they do not reveal to anyone. And we are usually right! So this is an opportunity for the elderly to share this "secret" with the children, who will participate in the cooking with them. During the cooking process, the child will help the older person to complete the meal he is preparing, while at the same time he can be taught crucial things that have to do with cooking, even if he/she is not at an age where can use a kitchen stove. But the child can love the process of cooking and treat it as it is very likely as a game, in which the older man will feel enjoyment and satisfaction, teaching some knowledge that he/she possesses.

Walking or playing games in the park or outdoors

As the years go by, all people try to reduce their unnecessary commuting, so it's evident that most seniors do not move around often enough from their own home. Of course, some have mobility problems. The rest, however, would definitely have a positive effect on them; a walk with their grandson in the neighbourhood park, or in a playground, where the children will have the opportunity to meet and communicate with other peers. If, on the other hand, the older adult is looking for an outdoor play option, while at the same time offering an exciting and modern solution, he could turn to the choice of a mini-golf game.

Mini-golf is a highly entertaining hobby for young and old, aimed at those who want to get out of the house and do something fun and original with their loved ones. The various styles of games and mini-golf courses offer a wide variety that indeed, children and the elderly won't get bored. So mini-golf is an ideal opportunity for the two different generations of people to come closer. Plonk Golf in London, gives you the option through its four scattered venues throughout the city, to try this delightful experience. Where the unforgettable moments that the game will provide you will bring you closer to your grandson and will intensify this existing relationship you have with each other.


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