Keeping Company in Retirement: Could a Dog Be The Perfect Companion?


Posted on: 19 December 2013 by Tom Nelson

A blog post about getting a pet for company in later life and as a social activity

For many of us, retirement actually feels a little bit daunting. Despite looking forward to it for most of our lives, as it draws nearer and nearer, it can become more and more daunting. The reason for this is simple, as people simply do not know what they plan to do and have no idea how to fill their time. One thing that can make your retirement busy, meaningful and joyful, however, is a pet and a dog is the perfect choice. Here’s why:

Pets Provide Structure

In retirement, some people miss the structure that full time work provides. When you have no reason to get out of bed on a morning, it is incredibly easy to stay in bed until midday and, if you have no real reason to leave the house, it is very simple to become trapped in the monotony of staying at home all day.

Pets, however, provide structure and purpose and, because they need regular walks, care and attention, you’ll always have a reason to be up and about, spending time with your new best friend.

Walks and Exercise Help Both

Although walks and exercise are vital for the wellbeing of your pet, they’re also essential for your health too and, as long as you get a small dog that doesn’t require lengthy walks, you’ll never be over-stressed and over walked yourself. Keeping yourself fit and health in retirement is essential, and owning a pet is the best way to stay active.

When you’re taking your pet for a walk, however, it is vital that you ensure they stay safe. Always ensure that they have a collar and a tag like the ones provided by Collars and Tags Ltd as this will make sure that if they get lost they can be returned to you immediately.

Company on Those Lonely Evenings

Finally, pets are brilliant for those lonely winter evenings in front of the fire. Most people miss the company of working full time in an office environment and, although the company of a pet is slightly different, it is incredibly welcome on an evening. Pets have a chance to be the perfect companion and an even better friend, so if you’re wondering how to keep company in your retirement, you really should look at getting a dog. 

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