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Posted on: 18 December 2013 by Angela Woods

Destination marriages at one period meant a quick travel to selected places like Las Vegas or Paris.

Destination marriages at one period meant a quick travel to selected places like Las Vegas or Paris. After this, came the trend to hold a grand reception party in an all-inclusive resort, either in the home country or at an exotic location.
At the end of that trend, came the boom of a long-distance marriage at a place far off from bride and groom’s hometown. This style relatively reduces the crowd of unwanted guests at the wedding. A destination marriage enhanced the concept of ‘private affair,’ giving more space to the couples. In any way, destination weddings are the ultimate choice to exchange marriage vows.
Presenting to every ‘about to marry couples,’ a list of up-to-date tips to plan a blissful destination marriage ceremony.
• Decide the spot – Take into account your guest’s convenience, and choose an accessible location – that is hassle-free to reach and affordable to fly. If you reside on the West Coast, a marriage in Hawaii can be the better option. A Hawaii wedding will be refreshing as well as cost-effective for your guests. Therefore, always think about your guests before planning your destination nuptial.
• Save a little more – To save some green, avoid peak tourist time. For instance, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Year or Easter could be very expensive to tie knots anywhere in the world. Airfares and hotel rates are at peak during holiday season. Also, check for the weather of the place you are planning to visit. Do your homework properly, so you won’t get a shock to discover that you just booked a Mauritius venue during the heavy rainfall time. Pay attention to these details and plan a wonderful wedding.
• Hire a coordinator – It can be tedious to plan a destination marriage in a different country, where the language, climate, legal rules and time zones differ. In that case, you can choose to hire a professional coordinator. If you want your wedding day to be unique and special, you might want to hire a planner to organize things for you. This will also help you save a little more.
• Send out the notice – Send out save-the-date announcements at least 7-8 months in advance. Since, that will help your guests to be prepared for your big day. Send out the tickets, venue details and accommodation information at least 5-6 months in advance. Do this early enough, giving no reason for guests to cancel the trip.
• Arrive early – Arrive at your venue a day before your guests to check the arrangements. In order to make them feel special, you and your spouse could welcome them with gift baskets. A little special gesture will keep your D-day fresh in your guest’s mind.
Read and follow the above tips to make your day special and memorable.

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