Learn How to Create an Event That Will Generate Revenue for You or Donations for Your Cause!


Posted on: 22 July 2018 by Darlene Ivory

It is possible to generate some sort of profit (for yourself or for a charitable cause) while hosting a great time for your guests, without skimping on the quality of your event.

It is possible to generate some sort of profit (for yourself or for a charitable cause) while hosting a great time for your guests, without skimping on the quality of your event. Click on this link, to find out all you need to know about creating an event.


If you want to see revenue or funds raised, it doesn't mean you have to have a very small budget. You will need to spend a little money in order to make money because you can't expect to have a successful event that looks cheap. Most events will require a budget but, remember, you do not have to spend a huge exorbitant amount either.

Just set something that will allow you to throw a good quality event while providing a good time for your guests. If you do not raise enough money to cover all of the spectacular elements you want to have at your event, you might need to cut out a few elements or get creative on how to get it done in another way. This might be by getting volunteers to help out at the event for free, or to help create home-made decorations.

If you are looking for volunteers, there are many high school and college-age students looking for an internship or looking to rake up volunteer hours who will work for free. These volunteers can help take tickets, help with set up and take-down, create decorations, work a concession stand, help direct traffic, be ushers, servers, guides and more!

Pre-Fundraising, Tickets, Attendance.

Because you're looking to raise money or get a return on investment, you may find innovative ways to raise funds which can pay for some of your events. This could be done through fundraising in advance. This will be especially relevant if your function is about getting a return on investment for personal profit at the end of an event or if you need money to pay for an upcoming event, such as for an end of the year Senior Class Party.

If your event is for personal profit, you will most likely need to sell tickets to your event, or have a cover-charge at the door. Tickets do not sell themselves! You will need to market your event to the masses. We have talked in previous chapters about how to get the word out about your event and how to successfully market the event.

Invitations, Radio ads, Television ads, Newspaper ads, Flyers, Teasers, Posters, door-to-door, email lists and through social media are the most common outlets. You need to create excitement and anticipation for people to want to come to your event. It might be in your best interest to hire a promoter for your event who will take care of much of this element.

Without attendance, you will not make money. Another way to get money to pay for the event is by seeking out financial partners or investors who will front you money because they will get a cut of the profit at the end. It is an investment for them to be involved in your event financially. If it is a smaller-scale event, you could sell goods and services at a markup price. For example, we all have probably had to sell pepperoni sticks (or similar item) as a school fundraiser for $4.00/stick.

Well, it probably only cost $0.50-$1.00 to purchase each pepperoni from the manufacturer, which makes that $ 3.00 - $3.50 profit per stick you sell. You could go directly to a manufacturer or supplier to purchase items to re-sell, or from wholesale or warehouse stores such as Costco to find good deals by purchasing in bulk. This is also a great way to make money at an event as well, by selling concessions at a markup during the event as well.

Another way to get people excited and more willing to attend a for-profit event is if you promise to give a portion of the proceeds to a charity of some sort. This can also entice a potential partner or investor to help get your event up and running financially. Maybe there is someone with deep pockets to also donate to a certain charity and is looking for more outlets to bring money in for their beloved cause.

Lastly, if your event is for charity, you will want potential attendees to know about the cause they could graciously support. You could mail or email out an information sheet along with the invitation that has a detailed account of your cause. You could also send tidbits or snippets from the information sheet as updates through social media.

Basically, you want the guest to get to know your cause before the actually attend. This is also an opportunity to include a donation envelope, or information about where and how they can go donate so that if they are unable to attend your event, they could still have the opportunity donate to the cause.

Appearance is Everything.

Okay, you have planned the event; you got the people through that front door. Now, it is time to impress. You don't want people to be bored or just disinterested in the things that are going on around them. Basically, you want them to feel like your event was worth attending, was worth the cover charge, or your cause or organization was worth donating to.

You don't want anyone to ask for a refund, or feel their donation will not be appreciated. In addition to having quality entertainment, this can be done through how your event looks. Make it look pleasing to the eye. Do not be a cheapskate with your decorations, lighting effects, or fog machine effects. For example, don't think a few measly balloons and streamers will cut it. Decorations like that would just make people feel like you have not made much of an effort for their time and worth.

If you have an exciting stage act, people would expect lighting and fog effects to make it spectacular and professional. Your effort and how much you care will be reflected in your event's appearance. So make sure it looks like you have worked really hard.

Information is Money.

Despite all your hard work in making the event look spectacular, people won't normally depart from the heart and donate cash to something they know nothing about. You will want people to be informed of your cause or your organization. You have to inform people and also make them care. Informing people can be easy.

You can personally speak about your cause or company. This does not need to be a lengthy oration where you speak for hours. It just needs to be a concise but also eloquent speech that informs the audience about what they will be donating to. Don't be too short and don't be too long. You want to keep them interested and not to bore people. If you do, they probably won't donate.

If you're not the most confident public speaker, you can hire someone or get someone else who is part of the company or charity come up and talk about it. You might be able to find someone who has benefitted from the charity or cause who will be willing to get on stage to tell about their experience and how their life has been changed for the better because of the charity. Arrange this ahead of time and give the person quite a time to write the speech. This portion of the event is your way to sway people to care and want to donate.

So be informative and act as an authoritative figure that is very knowledgeable about the charity or organization. But don't forget to also be emotive. Get people to care enough to donate. Tug on their heartstrings. If you're trying to raise money for animals, talk about malnourished horses that need a good home and if you are trying to raise money for a children's hospital, talk about the amount of care necessary to keep premature babies healthy and thriving. Speak about your cause.

You could also have pieces of information presented around the room, written in text. This could be in poster format, or it could be printed onto balloons, wrapped around napkins to serve as napkin rings, be integrated into the centerpieces or it could even be inside custom fortune cookies. With the last option, it is a bit of a win-win situation where people get tasty cookies and they also learn.

Don't leave the reminder about donations to the very end of the event. This should not be done for two main reasons. Number one, people may have already left and therefore you're missing out on donations. And number two, people may be tired and wanting to get home and therefore will for-sake donating. Make it a clear fact that donations are desired from the very start. Don't be nagging about it but be firm.

Now, go and entertain!

So you have got people to your event, impressed them with your decor and schooled them with speech and text; now it's time to wine, dine and entertain. The more happy and relaxed the people are, the more likely that they will end up being generous. So serve them tasty food, keep them hydrated (and perhaps a bit tipsy) with delicious drinks and keep them happy and entertained with certain special features. In relation to the last aspect, if your event is about raising money for charity, you could hire a special person to entertain your guests, for example, a singer or comedian.

If your charity is about animals you could have a puppy and kitten petting zoo. Don't underestimate the power of the puppy: it is normally too cute to resist. If your event is about making money for profit, make sure your entertainment and venue are flawless so you don't get people asking for refunds! You also do not have to provide free food and beverage at a for-profit event; in fact, it would be in your best interest not to. Be sure to have a concession stand or area set up where food and beverage may be purchased by the guest. Be sure to mark up the food and beverages enough to make a profit from it.


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