Living in the Swedish Arctic


Posted on: 29 July 2011 by Nigel Mayne

My life in the Arctic


I am not a journalist or a blogger but I hope to get you interested in my life living in the Arctic.

I changed my life completely at the age of 48 and decided to move, live and work in the Swedish Arctic. To make a living I decided to set up an adventure travel company called It's not been easy with lots of problems on the way but with help from the local community and very good friends it has been an amazing adventure. The company is now in it's 3rd year going from strength to strength. I meet fantastic people from all around the world from 18 to 80 and thats why this is the perfect job. On top of that to live in a place where there is no crime, no drugs, the children have respect for there elders, where you can leave your house un locked or the keys in your car while you go to the shops. This is a different world yet still in Europe.

I will put blogs on about my life and company as often as I can. I would welcome feed back on what I write and please ask questions on thing you would like to know from the darkness in the winter to the mid night sun in the summer.

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Nigel Mayne

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Guadalupe Thompson posted 21 September 2020

I am extremely impressed with your idea of living in a disserted area somewhere in the Swedish Arctic. But I am thinking to do along with all of my buddies. I want to get best writing services for help in research paper. Hopefully, we would have plenty of fun in that abandoned area.

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