Living Luxuriously When You Are Over 50


Posted on: 26 October 2016 by Lana Omelic

This is a post on how to enjoy traveling to the maximum when you are over 50.

By the time you reach the age of 50 years, most of your children are all grown up and have probably moved out of your house. You are also not so busy with your career at this age and find that you have free time in your hands. At this age, the idea of indulging yourself in luxury and visiting holiday destination can be entertained because you have time to enjoy such places. If you are considering to go on a holiday trip, why not look at Croatia? Below is a review of some amazing towns in Croatia, what you can do for fun in those towns and where you can find accommodation. 

Vis town- Great destination for couples

Vis is a great romantic getaway. You get to tuck yourself away to a secluded bays, tour the island, discover huge vineyards and more than 300 herbs, and enjoy local wine and seafood. There are some great restaurants to visit that sell local food such as Stoncica, Kantun, and Villa Kaloipa. You can go to view old fishing boats at Komiza or enjoy viewing the emerald green waters of Stiniva Cove. There are amazing villas at Hotel San Giorgio where you can rent double rooms at €68, and they offer amazing Croatian breakfast and dinner.

Korcula town- Great destination to experience the Croatian culture

The town was named by the Greek as “Black Korcula because of its dense pine and oak forests. This old town is full of natural beauty. In this town, you can get to see the Roman and Greek artifacts, Venetian art, the 15th Century museum and cathedral at the St. Mark’s square, and get to document stonemasonry traditions. You can also visit the Gallery Vapor and experience work done by Croatian artists. Before you leave the town, you can try out some Dalmatian tapas that go for €3.75.

Mali Losinj town- Great destination to relax

This island is surrounded by emerald green sea water and has a dense forest. These features make this town ideal for those seeking to rejuvenate. A mile to the south of this town there is an old fishing settlement called Veli Losinj which has beautiful bays that make it ideal for swimming. You can also explore some flora and fauna at the Aromatic Island Garden and go for a hike at the Cikat Park or even if want visit the popular aquapark. After the travel, you can enjoy some traditional Croatian dishes at Konoba Dalmacija. If you wish to stay longer in town, try the Klickovic apartments. They charge €37 for a double room. 

Pag town- great destination to experience Croatian food

This town has a beautiful moonlike landscape, and it’s popular for its cheese, lace, lambs, secluded cloves, and salt. The sheep and cheese from this town have a unique flavor because the animals feed on salty grass. In this town, you can visit the vineyards, Sirana Gligora which is a cheese factory that is run by a family, a gallery of traditional lace, and the salt museum. For food, you can visit the Konoba Bile tavern. They sell Dalmatian smoked ham, local cheese, sardines, and local wines and brandy. For accommodation, you can check out the Pension Gea where you can rent one of their double room at €32 or if you are feeling extra luxury you should rent a holiday villa in Croatia and enjoy your stay to the maximum.

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