Loneliness in the over 70's


Posted on: 16 January 2015 by Amanda Clarke

Do you have an elderly parent who is lonely and showing signs of memory loss but wishes to remain independent and in their own home?

Caroline Cooke from Share & Care explains; "Homeshare is a wonderful way to help elderly people remain in their own homes and as an alternative form of care. Care Agencies can be very expensive; often, financial constraints can mean elderly people trying to make do with the bare minimum of help. Thousands of older people have no family living nearby and do not want to have to rely on the goodwill of neighbours. Many are desperately lonely and struggle to get out and to manage the practicalities of eating well and running a home. For as little as £4 a day, having a live-in Sharer can provide practical support, and help ease the feeling of loneliness – and anxiety – that older people can have living on their own."   

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