Looking fantastic at Fifty – Few tips to stay on top of fashion trends


Posted on: 24 April 2017 by Ashley Mills

Do you actually think that George Clooney is the one who can only define sufficient grooming? Or could you ever imagine Denzel Washington caught in public wearing a pair of white sneakers accompanied with black socks? Of course you could never think of that! There are lots of opportunities for men above 50 to look as stylish as a twenty-something so much so that girls could be running behind you!

There are dozen style moves and fashion statements that you can create despite being 50. But while there are many 50-year olds who know this, they are often confused about what to do and what not to wear. This is why we compile a list of tips that you could take into account if you’re wondering about the ways in which you can remain stylish and trendy even at 50. Check them out.http://owl-group-staging.s3.amazonaws.com/upload_datas/47326/landscape_large.jpg?1492778863

Either go for the short trend or do nothing

Just think what Bruce Willis would do when you think of your style statement which you’re going to try. You are pretty sure of the fact that this man would never take resort to the stringy ponytail or hipster goatee which many older guys often adopt to cover up their aggressive hair loss. Instead of doing all this, you could rather prefer bragging out loud ‘I’m proud that I’m bald!’And if you’re someone who can carry off the ‘cool hat’ look or the ‘custom made caps’ look, you can definitely adapt yourself to this style as it will make you look stylish and also hide your age.

Keep all unwanted facial hair trimmed

Yes, there are some little things too that need to be taken care of. When there’s hair springing from your ears and nostrils, you should make it a point to keep such facial hair trimmed. Remember that any kind of distraction that is there on a date will definitely be the butt of jokes later on with her girlfriends. No matter how much pride you take in your hairy chest, you can save it for the beach. This clearly indicates that you should wear crew necks and not V-necks.

Wear a custom-made sports jacket

No, this is not the time for formality! You can just wear a tailored sports jacket over jeans and a tee-shirt. And if you’re looking for that little bit of contemporary sizzle, select a style that’s ‘unconstructed’ or you can also go for an updated trim fit with big armholes.

Bid goodbye to pantaloons

The skinny jeans should be left over to the millennials and those who are extremely fashion-conscious. On the contrary, if you wear a roomy pleated pant, it will probably give you an old-fashioned feel. Hence, aim to wear something in the middle with jeans or pants cut straight through the legs and hips. Although they have that urban feel in them but you can move in them extremely comfortably.

So, don’t consider yourself old when you reach 50 years of age. Instead follow the above mentioned tips to stay stylish and defy all signs of aging. 

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