Love Spell with Voodoo Doll


Posted on: 27 October 2018 by Jenipeo Rudrigaze

Voodoo has its beginnings in the year 1492 with the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Antilles

Voodoo has its beginnings in the year 1492 with the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Antilles. This practice began with the different mixtures of religions, races and beliefs, especially by the Africans they had brought to be slaves. The practice of voodoo was exercised in a secret way since the settlers did not agree and were forbidden. The vudaismo was made known freely by the Haitians, after the independence and foundation of Haiti. The Haitian vudaistas, have as part of the religion, to use the bones of humans in funeral rituals in order to maintain the alive energy of the person who already left.

The most important point is that voodoo is given to dolls or so-called fetishesto do works of various types, black magic and white magic, as well as love ties at a distance to people. These rituals are based on the basic principles of universal magic where it is said that the part is equal to the whole and that whatever we use to represent the person will be the same as the person, that is, a doll, nails can be used, undergarments, hair, clothes, photos, blood or any other body fluid of the staff that is going to tie. In this way you can act supernaturally in this person when you imagine it or when you use the doll already prepared, that is, when the fetish is filled with hair, nails or fluids, so that the magical connection is even greater and more powerful.

For the preparation of these voodoo dolls, great care must be taken so as not to cause damage or results contrary to those desired. For this spell with voodoo doll pins are also used since with them the doll is punctured in certain areas. These punctures do not always represent damage, in the case of a love spell voodoo doll, they represent the desired execution on each area of the person. In other words, each sting represents the physical desire, love, control of that person's mind.

In conclusion, voodoo takes advantage of the energies of the universe, helping in this way to make positive changes in the victim's psyche. And the biggest advantage is that when you do not have hand any object of the victim, you can still do the mooring since what is most involved is the energy, focus and mental strength that you put to generate better results.

This love spell with a voodoo doll is an act of white magic, so you have no reason to fear as you work with love, with light and with good intentions. With this love spell no one has to suffer any consequence other than joining as a couple. What if you should give in return, as a thank offering for the favor given, is a gift that can be the smoke of a snuff or a sip of an alcoholic beverage which you will scatter in the air or in any case it can also be a flower.

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