Low-fat Festive Treats: Healthy nibbles to serve this season


Posted on: 31 December 2013 by Isobel Summers

From Christmas up until New Years Day, we are tempted with sugary, high-fat foods at every turn, telling ourselves we will start dieting first thing in January. But you can still eat as merrily as ever this party season simply by swapping a few traditional nibbles for healthy, low-fat alternatives. Feast your eyes and taste buds on some of these yummy low-calorie snacking options.


Savoury treats are hard to decline over the festive period, especially when you are plied with drinks and tempting food platters at a friend’s house. But when buying the party food supplies in your own home, exercise a little self-control by picking a lighter snack menu.

For example instead of serving cheese twists and parcels, serve an assortment of breadsticks and make a healthy homemade dip to go with them. Dips are also a party temptation so try swapping heavy cheese and cream dips for tomato and herb based ones instead. You might like to try mixing chopped herbs and salad into low-fat yoghurt or make your own healthy salsa dip


After-dinner treats

Sweets and dessert nibbles are the worst offenders on Christmas day but there are ways to get around it if you’re prepared to bake homemade goodies in favour of family chocolate tins.

Swap fat-filled biscuits for things like whole wheat sugar cookies. These will go down a treat with adults and kids alike and are a really tasty alternative to shortbread and buttery cookies - they also have an added kick of fibre to them too! Another healthy sweet recipe to try is white peppermint snowballs - these are essentially sugar cookies dusted with crushed peppermint candy. These may sound tooth-rotteningly bad, but these are relatively low in saturated fat and the minty taste may actually help you to eat less in the same way a couple of after-dinner mints suppress appetite. 

Another irresistible favourite is mince pies - fortunately you can even make these slightly healthier. Whether you serve store-bought ones or bake your own, try serving open-top mince pies as less pastry means fewer calories and try avoiding brandy butter mince pies if possible.   


Whether it’s your turn to host the Christmas day dinner this year or you plan to entertain friends at a New Year’s party, serving your treats with dinnerware supplied by Viners will ensure your party nibbles are dished out in style this year. From baking accessories to chic silver-plated cutlery, Viners provide a kitchenware collection so stunning that guests will want a set for themselves!

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