Luxury Car Market Trends To Expect In 2019


Posted on: 25 October 2018 by David Cullar

With the luxury car market growing stronger every year, manufacturers are working hard to stay ahead of the competition



With the luxury car market growing stronger every year, manufacturers are working hard to stay ahead of the competition and create new and exciting designs and features that will draw more customers towards their brands. Industry experts are saying that the luxury car market will grow at an expected rate of 12% per year in the UK between now and 2022.

     While many of the current features that make luxury cars stand out in the industry are limited by available technology, the trends we are seeing is leaning towards the actual vehicle and its capabilities rather than the tech features inside. This doesn’t mean that today’s drivers don’t want their tech, but stopping short of fully autonomous luxury cars, there isn’t really much room for improvement in that area of today’s luxury car segment.

     So, what are the industry trends that manufacturers are focused on? Let’s take a look:

Luxury Car Market Trends

More Electric Luxury Car Models- more and more luxury car makers are looking into electric car technology as it seems that they are taking more of the modern luxury vehicle market share. From sedans, hatchbacks, crossovers and SUV’s, manufacturers are focusing heavily on creating more electric luxury car models than ever. One challenge they face is that the typical luxury car is much heavier than lower-priced vehicles and more weight means they require more power to move them. This can reduce the range most electric vehicles currently have.




Rising Demand For Luxury SUVs- every manufacturer from Porsche and BMW, to Audi, Jaguar, even Bentley are making luxury SUV’s and the demand for these ultra-capable vehicles doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Luxury car buyers want safety and performance in a vehicle that can practically go anywhere, in any weather condition while still providing higher than expected standards of comfort and luxury. Many experts say that, in Europe especially, more luxury car buyers are choosing SUVs and crossovers over sedans as they offer more of what they are looking for in a modern luxury car.

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